Coming in June: New CCNA Requirements

Coming in June: New CCNA Requirements

Coming in June, Cisco is set to announce new (and harder) CCNA requirements. If you’ve been putting off signing up for your CCNA Certification, it’s now time to enroll. Don’t delay taking your CCNA!


  1. This may be a silly question, but anyways. Does this affect the CCENT (ICND1)? as that’s what I’m currently studying with IOS 12.X

    I’m guessing once I get ICND1/CCENT, I can learn the new stuff for ICND2 for the full CCNA?

    • It will change the ICND1 and ICND2. I am not even sure they will still have two tests – that’s how little we know about this!

  2. I’m taking my exam end of this March. By the time the new exam comes out ill be ready for my CCNP :-)

  3. Hi
    When they come out with the new requirement, when are you going to come up with updated book? Or will the 7th Edition will suffice ?

  4. Hi Todd, I believe your edition 7 book and the online video training will still continue to be a good foundation for the up coming changes. Since the expected changes only cover L3 routed protocols and some new IOS commands, then will be rather and addition rather than a complete change. Most of production environment still employ the old track technology. So you still need the current track material.

  5. So, if I have my ICND1 now (old) and then after September take the new ICND2, will I get my CCNA?

    • Yes, but you can still take the current ICND2 exam now wtih the current exam. If you wait until Sept, you’ll have to take the new exam.

  6. sir, i am preparing for ccna exam but i m afraid that i ll not be able to complete whole syllabus till september..

    my question is
    after september ,will i have to prepare again for whole syllabus or few topics will be changed in new pattern ??

  7. We want to write a prerequisite exam for the ccna s/w?. Now I am doing ccna in NIIT, I don’t write any prerequisite exam, prerequisite exam is necessary to do ccna s/r?

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