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Coming in June: New CCNA Requirements

Coming in June, Cisco® is set to announce new (and harder) CCNA requirements. If you’ve been putting off signing up for your CCNA Certification, it’s now time to enroll. Don’t delay taking your CCNA!

Cisco® has announced that their new CCNA 5.0 curriculum will continue to focus on routing and switching technologies to help students prepare for entry-level networking careers, and aligns with the Cisco® CCENT and CCNA certifications.

Cisco® is set to announce new, harder CCNA requirements. Don’t delay taking your CCNA!

CCNA 5.0 Updated Curriculum

The CCNA 5.0 curriculum introduces exciting new features and functionality, including the following:

  • Integration of IPv6 and IPv4 in the design, configuration, and management of routed and switched networks.
  • Utilization of Cisco® IOS 15.X commands to configure and manage network devices.
  • Advanced technology topic updates including voice, wireless, security, and data center.


  1. donofatlantis

    This may be a silly question, but anyways. Does this affect the CCENT (ICND1)? as that’s what I’m currently studying with IOS 12.X

    I’m guessing once I get ICND1/CCENT, I can learn the new stuff for ICND2 for the full CCNA?

    • lammle

      It will change the ICND1 and ICND2. I am not even sure they will still have two tests — that’s how little we know about this!

  2. kam2700

    I’m taking my exam end of this March. By the time the new exam comes out ill be ready for my CCNP :-)

  3. milanchatterjee

    When they come out with the new requirement, when are you going to come up with updated book? Or will the 7th Edition will suffice ?

  4. Hi Todd, I believe your edition 7 book and the online video training will still continue to be a good foundation for the up coming changes. Since the expected changes only cover L3 routed protocols and some new IOS commands, then will be rather and addition rather than a complete change. Most of production environment still employ the old track technology. So you still need the current track material.

  5. ken217a

    So, if I have my ICND1 now (old) and then after September take the new ICND2, will I get my CCNA?

    • Yes, but you can still take the current ICND2 exam now wtih the current exam. If you wait until Sept, you’ll have to take the new exam.

  6. gaurav_malhan

    sir, i am preparing for ccna exam but i m afraid that i ll not be able to complete whole syllabus till september..

    my question is
    after september ‚will i have to prepare again for whole syllabus or few topics will be changed in new pattern ??

  7. We want to write a prerequisite exam for the ccna s/w?. Now I am doing ccna in NIIT, I don’t write any prerequisite exam, prerequisite exam is necessary to do ccna s/r?

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