• ICND1 640-822
  • ICND2 640-816
  • CCNA Composite 640-802

In order to obtain your CCNA you can take and pass the ICND1 and ICND2 exams at $125 bucks a piece, or try your hand at the CCNA Composite 640-802 exam at $150.

This is the same approach Cisco has been using for years—you either take two relatively easier tests, or one super hard test.

I always recommend the one test approach because, well, no one, including Cisco, has proved that the two-test approach is actually easier. So why go there?

Anyway, since the new exam won´t be released for another month, this could all change very soon. But no worries—I´ll give you the dirt on all of this somewhere around August 1st, as soon as I get back from Networkers.

And, it´s also good to know that if you´re still are studying for the old exam(s), you haven´t wasted your time/effort/cash, because you get until November of 2007 to take them.

A really cool thing I like about the new exam is that it covers all the new cutting edge stuff—no more of that ISDN crap! Here´s a short list of the new technologies covered:

  • Secure Device Manager
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • IPv6 (my favorite!)
  • 2960 Switches
  • Cisco Network Assistant
  • Advanced EIGRP and OSPF
  • Introduction to Wireless networks
  • More security
  • Lots of troubleshooting

Should be a hoot…

In the meantime, come on over to www.globalnettraining.com and get yourself signed up for the newest courses using the latest and greatest gear.

And, don´t forget to nick a copy of my latest CCNA Composite 640-802 Study guide from Sybex because it truly is, far and away, the best book I´ve written to date—I´m so happy with how this book turned out!