Cisco announces new CCNA exams

  • ICND1 640-822
  • ICND2 640-816
  • CCNA Composite 640-802

In order to obtain your CCNA you can take and pass the ICND1 and ICND2 exams at $125 bucks a piece, or try your hand at the CCNA Composite 640-802 exam at $150.

This is the same approach Cisco has been using for years—you either take two relatively easier tests, or one super hard test.

I always recommend the one test approach because, well, no one, including Cisco, has proved that the two-test approach is actually easier. So why go there?

Anyway, since the new exam won´t be released for another month, this could all change very soon. But no worries—I´ll give you the dirt on all of this somewhere around August 1st, as soon as I get back from Networkers.

And, it´s also good to know that if you´re still are studying for the old exam(s), you haven´t wasted your time/effort/cash, because you get until November of 2007 to take them.

A really cool thing I like about the new exam is that it covers all the new cutting edge stuff—no more of that ISDN crap! Here´s a short list of the new technologies covered:

  • Secure Device Manager
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • IPv6 (my favorite!)
  • 2960 Switches
  • Cisco Network Assistant
  • Advanced EIGRP and OSPF
  • Introduction to Wireless networks
  • More security
  • Lots of troubleshooting

Should be a hoot…

In the meantime, come on over to and get yourself signed up for the newest courses using the latest and greatest gear.

And, don´t forget to nick a copy of my latest CCNA Composite 640-802 Study guide from Sybex because it truly is, far and away, the best book I´ve written to date—I´m so happy with how this book turned out!


  1. So… your new guide DOES cover 640-802? And is there a pre-release site with preview chapters or pre-orders available?

  2. Sybex doesn’t have the book listed, and (for some reason) has pre-orders for 640-801 books by you coming out after the new test launches. Can you give us a hint where we can find the new book?

  3. thank you sir,
    plese any information about ccna exam plese provide.

  4. My book is now on listed on the front page of

    Todd Lammle

    • TOdd you book is awesome, because of that humor you put in there, its definetly not boring.

  5. oh god!
    i still study in your 5’th Edition,
    i really finished studing and i should make my exam in the coming 3 weeks!

    do you know if we have a choice for choosing between the new exam or the old one?

  6. ah, i just noticed that i can make the exam until 11/6/2007 in cisco site:
    and also you said that in your post (i really closed my eyes when i seen your post! :)

    so after 6-Nov there is no more CCMA 640-801 exam, and the new CCNA exam will have the number 640-802 with the new Topics ??


  7. Yes, you’re good. You have until Nov for the 640-801 exam.
    However, I recommend getting my new book because it has so much more detail that will help you with the current exam. It is a good update for the 640-801 exam as well.
    I really updated this bad boy!
    Thanks for writing…study hard :)

    • Mr. Lammle,

      I purchased your book “CCNA Study Guide 6th Edition” in December and I think it is a fabulous book – you’ve done a wonderful job in conveying the information required to understand networks.

      I have a quick question for you (and I wasn’t sure where to ask on this site). I was doing the Written Lab 3.1 and noticed what I believe is small error in one of the answers (page 168). The answer is that the host is in the 32 subnet, but I believe the correct answer is the 64 subnet and the broadcast address is I just wanted to check to see if I am missing something!

      Also I don’t know how (or if you want to) contact you directly but if you want to contact me my address is .

      Thanks very much,

  8. hello,
    i’m alfonce from kenya and i would like to know how i can have the new edition that you have published.tell me the means of payment
    thank you

  9. hello,
    i’m alfonce from kenya have been studying the 5th edition in that you have a new edition please can you tell me how i can get it,the price and the means of payments.thanks

  10. Hi
    I just finished studying for the CCNA 640 – 801 exam and was thinking of answering the exam next week when i heard about the new updated syllabus from cisco and the 640 – 802 exam. Do u suggest i answer the latest exam (640 – 802 ) or the old one(640 – 801)and how difficult is it to upgrade from the old syllabus to the new one ?

  11. Jonathan, try and take the old 640-801 if you can – it is much, much easier.
    However, my new 6th edition is really good for the old exam. I added everything you can think of but the kitchen sink…
    Good luck.
    Todd Lammle

    • Hi, I come from China, I want to take the exam should be how to apply?

  12. Hello there,
    I am from India.I have just started preparing for CCNA a few weeks back, the thing is that i have’nt purchased any book yet thinking that your new edition (6th edition) will be out soon!.

    Could you please tell me when exactly the book will be in stocks (IN US)?. I can order it online and send it to my brothers place. They live in Texas!. They are commin to india this september first week. So fingers crossed! 😎

    cheers and keep up the great work! :)

  13. hi
    there is some thing here what if i took the 640-801 exam then i want to take the CCNP track will they asked my to take 640-802 so i will take CCNA twice or what????

  14. sorry i mean will they ask me to pass 640-802 to get in CCNP track if i passed 640-801 ???

  15. Will there a be new edition of CCNA Network Visualizer released (newer than 5.0) for the new 640-802 exam?

  16. i want to get ur ccna icnd book in india when will u give out to marktet sir?

  17. thats amaizingly great,surely i give you the credit,i,m ready to sit for that sir

  18. Hi Todd,

    I’m studying to write the 640-801 in October/07 (hopefully I can still make an appointment for October!), and in Chapt 3 of your 5th Edition, where you discuss Subnetting and what the valid subnets are for a given Subnet mask; You mention the formula to determine this is 256 – mask to come up with the block size / subnet. Why not just use the value of the last “on” bit to determine the block size? Its much easier than having to do the math, don’t you agree?

    – John

  19. hello am from ethiopia and i need for new updated ccna books n testking downloadin link plse help me by postin it

  20. hi sir,
    i am saroj a B.TECH graduate i have prepared for CCNA 640-801 but when i came to know CCNA 640-802 syllabus is covering WLAN so,i want to for this syllabus also and will appear exam later
    what should i do ??
    please suggest me

  21. Hello Todd,
    I am going to start ccna preparation using sybex 5th edition(640-801). Planning to write my exams on october last week. Whether this plan is appreciable or should i go for the new ccna exams. Pleas tel me the difference between the old and the new . Thank you in advance. πŸ˜€

  22. Hello I am satheesh from India. Just now i am going to complete CCNA exam. I heard that CCNA syllabus is going to change by november. Please tell me what are the changes will be there in new syllabus? Is it good take up the exam after november as i am going to complete the course within a week? When will i get new book in market?


  23. Hi Todd,

    In your CCNA Study Guide, 5th Edition, page 132, Figure 3.2 – it states “The mask of (/28) provides 14 subnets, each with 14 hosts. All the hosts and router interfaces use the same subnet mask.”.

    Shouldn’t that be 16 Subnets, each with 14 hosts?


    – John

    • Using formula for subnet (2n-2), (2^4-2) = (16-2) = 14 Subnets. Remember within each subnet, two will be used for subnet reservation (.0) and broadcasting (.255). Refer to cisco site and search for ip address subnetting. – Hope this helps…

  24. Hi Todd,
    Have been reading through Sybex 5th Edition and am aware of you 6th Edition release. However this is not available in any of the bookstall here in India.. Was wondering if you have any clue about the distributors here …

    One thing that keeps occuring in my mind is which is the best approach – taking two exams or one??

    Thank you.

  25. oh! no! im taking ccna 3 and 4 this fall in college. I took the 640-821 and studying for 640-811 now. Is the last test null and void and need to take new full test 640-802 or can I take the 640-816 exam with my 640-821 under my belt? Too many numbers! The cisco web site indicates that i will need to take 802 or 822 and 816. Im really upset with teach for not mentioning this before i took that test! Need to buy Todd Lammle’s book to study, but for which test.

  26. Hi Todd,

    I am preparing for the 640-802 EXAM, what must must be done , to ensure that i pass it one time. what is the catch in this new exam?

    I feel this new exam would give me an edge ?what do you think?

    Sam, Nigeria

  27. Hi Todd

    My name is Peter from Kenya, an IT instructor I have been training A+, N+ and MCSE. I want to start training Cisco courses, I am already CCNA and working on CCNP certification. Your 5th edition manual was of great assistance. I wanted to know if you have trainer kit for 640-802 or any other material I can use.

  28. hello sir,
    i had just purchase ur ccna 5 edition book at 3 day ago but but after that i knew a latest news that a ccna syllabus is changed and u old copy this new syllabus is not included so pls. suggest what i do? and i also planning a give exams at nov. end so at that time that new syllabus is included reply

  29. is there is any different in ccna 640-801 and ccna 640-802 exam

  30. Hi Todd, I completed studying your 5th Edition (I really enjoyed reading it) and unfotunately unable to sit for test owing personal reasons. I am planning to go for 640-802. Does your new study guide is sufficient enough to learn for the new exam/practice commands etc. Please reply. What about the simulators?

  31. Hi Todd,

    I just received CCNP & CCDP and I have been successful each time in obtaining the certification from your books reading. I feel these reading from Todd sybex are excellent in the way you present in the easy way to understanding and I could obtain the value knowledge from your book.

    Now I am going to train new CCNA (640-802) course to my collogue and new employees at my workplace and I think your material definitely can help me to distribute the knowledge through those people. So I would like to request your slide chapter (power points) file of new CCNA (640-802) course for my guideline, is it possible for me to be recived this helpful from you.

    I would be appreciating if you give me. Thanks very much.

    Sanon.S (Thailand)

  32. 😎
    Hello I am Jhony from India. Just now i am going to complete CCNA exam. I heard that CCNA syllabus is going to change by november. Please tell me what are the changes will be there in new syllabus? Is it good take up the exam after november as i am going to complete the course within a week? When will i get new book in market?


  33. Course completed CCNA on old syllabus,where can i get new syyllabus?

  34. Hi, when is your new book coming out? You said the 640-802 exam is much more difficult, apart from the course content, is the new exam setup different from the old one?

  35. Hi,
    Please Todd update us concerning the new cisco exams that will be coming up soon, how long does one has to wait before taking the exam now. please inform me soonest.

  36. I hit a wall with this. I have proir net experience, and have been studying since the beginning of September. I’ve FAILED 801 twice (with the same score) and am just trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong. One thing I saw that I was given Tshooting questions on router with a stick scenarios that neither bootcamp or TestOut talked about (in a troubleshhoting mode, the explained the config and the reasosns for it)

    There is still some time for 801, but I am not sure what the best avenue would be. Any suggestions?


  37. Hello Sir,
    I’ve failed today by only some points the 640-801 exam. After studying hard your book (sybex 640-801) – I’ve seen that several question in the exam were out of the book context (…) On the other hand, cisco is placing me on hold all the way to 11/8/07 , when is too late for 640-801, thus I need to take 640-802. Do you have any new kit (to be purchased) regarding the new 640-802. If yes, is that new book promise (somehow) to cover the 640-802 exam (hoping the today’s experience won’t repeat.
    Thank you,

  38. One more question please:
    Which ccna virtual lab book I would need for 640-802 preparation/ I have the one included in the ccna certification kit – fifth edition (bought about 7 months ago – 2005 edition). Can I still use this one?
    Thank you,

  39. Chris, I have a lot of examples and explanations of router on a stick in my switching/VLAN chapters. Did you read those? I just need to know where you are at.

  40. victor, the new CCNA 6th edition covers the new exam…however, it is over 1000 pages so there is a lot of studying with that book.
    You need the new certification kit, 6th edition, 2007.
    I beleive you can get another kit from as well.
    Either way, you need to update your book.

  41. The new 640-802 exam is out and you can take it any time, however, if you fail it, you have to wait 5 days before you can take it again. That is 5 straight days, not business days.
    Be sure and really study my IP routing chapters and wireless chapter in my new book.
    Todd Lammle

  42. Thank you for the answers/
    1. because the 801 exam (on 11/1/07) has questions not covered in the ccna study guide (5th edition) – like line commands for NAT – can I be better assured that the 6th edition will cover the 802 exam?
    2. (may be a delicate question): cisco press has also 2 volumes preparing for 802 exam (about 700 pages each): do I miss exam-related topics (or better CLI experience) if I go for your 6th edition kit, instead of buying from cisco press?

  43. Victor, the Cisco press books has some good information, but they do not cover the full exam. My book was written towards and for the exam objectives.
    If you can, I recommend both books. Between my book and theirs, you have a lot of information to cover.
    However, if you are looking at just narrowing your focus to the exam, my 6th edition has all the relevent information, even NAT… :)
    Todd Lammle

  44. I am delivering a CCNA class for New Horizons. They have selected your book as the text and has purchased about 25-30 copies of the 4th edition for this class alone. Are there any instructor slides available based on the book?

  45. Hey Todd, what subject shoud i be familiar with in order to be ready for the CCENT exam? Please advice. Thanks

    • Well, a lot!

      Ethernet, and basic internetworking
      TCP/IP addressing, subnetting and protocols
      IOS and SDM
      IP routing: static, default, rip
      intro to vlsm
      intro to switching
      intro to NAT

      Look for my new CCENT book, or read chapters 1 – 5, 7, beginging of 9, begining of 10, 12 and 14.


    • Well, a lot!

      Ethernet, and basic internetworking
      TCP/IP addressing, subnetting and protocols
      IOS and SDM
      IP routing: static, default, rip
      intro to vlsm
      intro to switching
      intro to NAT

      Look for my new CCENT book, or read chapters 1 – 5, 7, beginging of 9, begining of 10, 12 and 14.


  46. Hi Todd, i have finished training for the old ccna 640-801 and now realise that i have to do the 640-802 exam within a week. i have already got your book and reading it. What advise can you give me?

    • Moz, you need to read the whole book a couple times, run through all the hands-on labs, get a whole lot of hands-on experience.

      Study, study and study some more!!

      Good luck.

  47. Hi Todd,

    Previous CCNA 640-801 exam covered Cisco 1900 and Cisco 2950 switch commands and configuration. Is the new CCNA 640-802 or ICND 1 and 2 exam covers both routers or just one. Which one? Please advise. Thank you.

  48. hi mr lammle
    ccna sixth edition written lab 3.1 quiz 3 has issues and written lab 3.3 4th quiz also has issues.

    otherwise not a very bad book.

    i would like someone to confirm.i might be the problem.



  49. Hello Todd sir,
    I am going to take CCNA Exam.I bought ur 6th edition book.I would like to know onething.The Examinations Questions will come only this book or anyother book.And Please give me your suggestions for preparing CCNA Exam.(How to prepare?)


  50. HI TODD,

    Will u let me know when ur 6th edition book is going to be launched in India .I heard that two exmas have to attended for CCNA is it so ???

    Hats off to you for ur valuable guidelines ..

    Thanks with regards


  51. please can you send me a mail on the specific changes to the old CCNA or the added topics to the old CCNA, also which would you recomend, the two way exam or the single exam. thank in advance; i would really appreciate your reply. Ehiemua Obehi Rancell

  52. Hi Todd.

    i have just bought your sixth edition, and is almost at the end, now i need a good tool like certsim to test me, but certsim havent updated to the new exam yet, and further more the “exams” that are on the cd i recieved with your book dosent seems to be updated, i mean the queastions i am asked is very much looking like the old test, does this mean that the new ccna exam isnt changed that much, or???

    but please advice where i can find a good test tool, i have heard of testking, do you know about that.

    /christian Pedersen

  53. I’m looking forward to taking the new 640-802 composite exam. Sybex has great explanations in their book!

  54. dear sir now iam doing ccna 802. how to pripare ccna802 any short form
    tell me sir

  55. Thank you sir,
    for provide a information about new cisco syllabus.I hope to you when will be change a syllabus you will give me information

  56. Don’t worry Raj, CCNA won’t change their curriculum for a while. :)

  57. Hi Todd,

    I am madhan from India. I am planning to complete CCNA in the next two months. I would like to have your valuable advice regarding this. But I am having your book (old syllabus). I couldnt able to get the new one.

  58. Dear Sir,
    I am B.S.Tanwar from India & i want pass CCNA with first attempt in Feb 2008 pls advise/suggest me regarding this & i have 6 edition book & taking the coaching also.


  59. Recently I spot Todd Lammle’s CliffsTestPrep CCNA book. It is pretty good in general. But looks like have a lot of typo. Do you know where can I find typo update? Please let me know. Thanks.
    I found there was wrong statements in the test. such as test 8 prob 27, pro 31 “ip route″
    I think it should be “ip route″

  60. Hello Todd
    i bought your book (CCNA 640-802 6th edition), i heared that there are new topics included after 6th nov 2007.
    can you tell me please that this book will enough for the new CCNA 640-802 Paper ?

    kindly reply me as soon as possible as i am going on to give paper i shall be very thankful

  61. Hi
    can someone tell me what I need to know about the cisco network assistant.

    will the labs actually expect you to use that to configure the switches.
    or will there just be general questions about it.

    I have never used it and im much more comfortable using the CLI
    Exam in 4 days. :-)

    • The CNA is not covered in the Cisco CCNA objectives. They can change this in the future, but don’t worry about it now.

  62. Hi Todd,

    Firstly, excellent book – it’s been a good read and very informative but easy to digest.

    I was wondering if you have any last minute advice:

    I’m new to IT and have been studying for the Cisco CCNA composite since the 640-802 came out, I’ve read the books about three times, done the labs (over and over again) on 2 routers I have at home (2×2500). I’ve not saved the config each time, so when I finish for the day all the config I’ve done gets wiped, so I do it all again the next day (hoping this will make it all second nature!!). I’ve watched your videos, read through the official CCNA guide and run through the practise exams on the CD with your book (which I’m passing at around 95%). I’ve also done extra work on subnetting as well.

    Is there anything else I should try before the exam or is it best to just keep doing what I’m doing?

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Many thanks

    • Motley-Stu, thanks for writing.

      Sounds like you’ve done a great job of studying. Especially the repetition of hands-on labs. That is very important.

      However, the question in my book, and the Cisco press as well book, as well, does not cover the exam question. They are meant to help you get a foundation of the material covered in each chapter.

      Also, you need to get some hands-on experience with switching. Some 2960’s would be best.

      So, extra practice test questions and switches and you’re set.

      Good luck!
      Todd Lammle

  63. Hello sir,

    I’m glad that I’m here and want to read about your book regarding your new release of 640-802, I hope this might help additionally in preparation for my CCNA exam. Cheers,


  64. hi sir
    ive done my bachelors in engineering and am studying for CCNA ..i ve got all ur books and dvd s and its really helping me…but i just read that CCNa is really hard now…im new to networking so should take the two step approach or stick to one step approach…and also if i shud opt for CCENT should i continue studying the CCNA guide or is there another book for CCENT….ill be thankful if u cud reply …thanx


    • Yes, start with Network+ by CompTIA, move into The CCENT, then lastly do the ICND2 exam.

  65. I’m Adedara Joshua. I hold my B.Sc (hons) in Mathematics. I will like to take CCNA exams . I need Information about the the CCNA exams. What are the basic materials that are needed for the exams?

    • Adedara, do you mean equipment? Check my forum. There is a whole post about the equipment.

      If you mean study material, a lot of people like my book, but the Cisco press book is popular too I guess.

      Some people also use pass4sure or other test practice material after reading my study guide.

      Todd Lammle

  66. 😯

    Hi Todd,

    I’m fairly new to the Cisco certs. I’m used to dealing with the Microsoft certifications. I’m tired of having to learn a new version of their OS everytime they decide to switch it. Anyway, to make a whole story short, I purchased your CCNA 640 – 802 exam book but I don’t have the equipment to study off of. Could you please tell me what I’m suppose to be looking for when purchasing a Cisco router and/or switch in order for me to get the hands on needed? I know you mentioned the 800/1800/2800 series but when I go to the site to look at the different types of routers and switches, they all have different features, such as VPN, Firewall, etc. I don’t know which one to choose in order to study for the exam. Also, will purchsing one router suffice for studying or what is the recommended amount of equipment one will need in order to study for the CCNA? Please help.



  67. Hi Todd
    IÒ€ℒm preparing to take CCNA 640-802. I have got two of your books fast pass 3th edition which is 500 pages and 6th edition study guide 1000 page . I donÒ€ℒt know which one to read. I was student at the Cisco academy two years back. I just want to revise the old stuff and read the new things. Please help.



    • You need to get the latest edition and I am not telling you that to just get to you spend more money.

      that third edition is pretty old in computer time….the 6th edition is brand new and covers the new exam and new objectives.

      Todd Lammle

  68. Hello friends:)
    Are we supposed to configure SDM in CCNA live exam ❓

    • Look at the cisco objectives. The SDM is in there.
      I cannot discuss the actual exam, but everything for the exam/exam objectives is found in my study guide.
      Todd Lammle

  69. Hi Todd

    Your are simply the best… I m stating this because I read books on the subject of three different authors and you are way ahead…..

    I studied your book CCNA Study Guide 5th edition for exam 640-801 , now as the Cisco changed the exams and course, do I need to study a lot more to pass the new CCNA exam or is it only 10/15 percent more than the old course.

    Your kind recommendation is required about your new book for the new exam , I found one at Amazon(UK)which is Deluxe Edition ,completely updated for new exam ,Includes CCNA Virtual Lab Platinum Edition, 5th Edition 640-682.(is that one is the latest or any latest edition is available or comming soon)
    The included Virtual Lab(simulator) is fully working or do I have to buy Licence/key for full version ?

    Did your company offer any courses in London (UK)?

    Thanks in advance

    King Regards


    • Mian, thanks for writing.

      I am thinking about providing classes this fall, but it might be better for you (or anyone in the UK) to come to Dallas for my classes.

      You’ll get a much better return on your money.

      Todd Lammle

  70. Hi Mr Lammle,
    I am studing for the CCNA new exam on your new book and it’s the best but i am confused on some part in chapter one(Internetworking Basics)
    Page 5 when you spoke about how can Bob communicate with Sally but he does not have her MAC add. and IP add. just her name.At the first you Mr. said he will broadcast on the LAN to resolve the name Sally to her IP add and MAC, so the first thing Bob will do is to resolve the name but after that you said this paragraph :

    (Befor the name is resolved,the first thing Bob has to do is broadcast on the LAN to get Sally’s MAC address so he can communicate to her PC and resolve her name to an IP address)

    so i do not know which one happens before the others,resolving name or gatting MAC address?

    Thanks Mr.,

  71. hi lammle sir,

    I have completed my CCNA exams scoring 1000/1000 marks ,my preparations included your 6th edition along with some question papers from the internet…..Thanks a lot for such a wonderful book…..Now that i want to answer CCNP BSCI exam, I need your guidance as to which book to refer…..sir if u have written book for this exam then please let me know……

    Sir,i recently heard that CCNA exams fees are hiked. Please can u tell me how much have the CCNP BSCI fees increased to…….. πŸ˜€

  72. Hi lammle sir,

    I have cleared CCNA exams scoring 1000/1000 marks and your 6th editon was of great help….i want to answer CCNP BSCI exam please tell me how much the fees have become now as i have heard that Cisco has recently hiked the certification fees…..

    Also tell me if u have written any book for CCNP BSCI exam i would surely like to buy it……..

    Thanks a lot! in advance


  73. Hi Mr Lammle..
    I want to take the CCNA exam next week. I just finished reading your wonderful book.
    But i want to know about the exam ( Number of questions , exam time, how the questions look like and so on)
    you said that the exam will be 50- 60 questions.
    i want to know more about the exam please..


  74. Dear Sir,
    i am Anand,am from India i just finished B.E in information science discipline and am interested in networking subjects so want to write CCNA exam.what are the steps i should follow before studying CCNA. should i do any other course before doing this.kindly reply to my query.. thanking you

    yours faithfully

  75. hi,
    thanks for your wonderfull book :)
    now, i have a simple question : why every other sites keep telling that IPX, ISDN and X.25 are still CCNA exam objectifs? Should i pay attention to those subjects as well?

    Thanks a lot again


  76. We are using your book in my class. It is very extensive and layed out well. The the CDs are great.

    You should change your price statement for the CCNA exam though. I just signed up for it and its $250 now through Vue. Just cannot get how much it has jumped up since you stated the price last year at $150.

    Is there any way to get any vouchers or discounts?



    • Yes, Cisco raised the price to $250US
      I have nothing to do with the test and mention many times in the introduction to always check the Cisco web site for the latest information. There is no way I can change my book every time Cisco makes a change.
      Thanks for writing and I am glad you like the book!

  77. Dear Todd ,
    I’m about to take my CCNA exam.. I bought the sixth edition of your book .. I think this edition was released in 2008.. right ??
    anyways,, if i need to take the exam next month from today,, are there any outside updates I need to follow for the NEW CCNA exam or it is enough to just rely on the sixth edition ??


  78. Dear Mr. Todd,

    My question is close to what Ashraf KH was asking.

    Is your latest book still up to date with the latest CCNA exams?

    Do you think any changes to the curriculum or the exams will be made soon by cisco?

    I don’t want, after studying for months with your book, to get surprised by new material or new exams or new topics.


  79. Cisco probably will change the CCNA, but not this year. Even if they change the corriculm, which they have not done, the test takes months to write after that. So I’d “guess” that you’re safe until next summer, but no one knows for sure, but I say you are safe “this year”, no problem.
    Todd Lammle
    P.S. Yes, my book covers the latest exam

  80. Dear Sir,

    I am just gonna start my classes for Cisco preparation. I have already paid US$ 800 and they provided me with your CCNA study guide 6th edition few weeks ago. My friend told me that when he bought your book he got other stuffs too, a virtual lab e.t.c.

    So my question is, do we get other practice materials along with the purchase of your book?If we get please do provide details of everything.

    Is studying your book along with the router simulator and few weeks(perhaps one of two intense weeks) of actual router experience is enough to pass the exam?

    Anyway! one last thing I would say that,
    Your book is a great study tool( I have reached CH5)! really really great! specially that humorous style of conveying the information.

    Take care!!

  81. Dear Mr.Lammle,
    Thnx for giving us a wonderful book for ccna. The book is written very systematicaly and your way of describing is excellent.The Cd is also useful and ur lectures are outstanding. I need ur help in understanding about DNS and DHCP server in details.My concept is not clear why we do use those servers. Pls help me.

    Yours Fan,
    Rehan from India

  82. Hi Todd am planning to sit for the CCNA exam on 17th Dec 09,am having knowledge of networking can u plz assist me which edition should i use to pass my exam? by third edition can I manage to pass?

  83. Mr. Lammle:

    I have found you CCNA Study guide very informative. My One comment would be is to increase the integration with Switch/Router simulator. Otherwise it really has increased my comprehension of the entire area of inter-networking.


  84. After reading d book and pass the exams, how do I get d practical experience because I’m reading on my own without any tutorial. Thanks to you sir for your wonderful book.


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