It's not exactly breaking news that so many of us are either struggling to keep our current jobs, or battling with intensifying competition to secure a new one. And as this recession deepens, contending with trials of keeping and/or finding a good job are only certain to intensify.

Not so long ago, as long as you behaved well, showed up for work reliably, and did what was expected of you, your job security probably wasn't anywhere near the top of your list of concerns. But those days are unfortunately gone— people now need to do more than just the basics to ensure and sustain their employability. In this present climate, you need to stand out and stay ahead of the ever increasing pack of candidates that are vying for any and all available positions. This has always been a good idea in the quickly evolving networking field, but now, it has become a vital necessity!

In I.T., one *great way to really shine and prove just how valuable you are is to earn certifications. I've heard so many stories of people with certifications beating out rivals with years of experience on them for the very reason that they were certified and their competitor wasn't. I've even hired people because of this reason alone myself!

However, I do have to say that holding just any old network cert won't get you where you want to be. Just as a holding degree from an institution like Yale tends to be a lot more impressive than having one from some no-name academy, getting your certification from some brain dump just won't gain the innate respect and validate your worth to a potential employer like being certified by a well-reputed, authorized, industry standard training facility will.

You can be successful! Let me help you find your path.

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