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Thread: 851W Question

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    Default 851W Question

    Hey everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone is familiar with the Cisco 800 Series (specifically the 851W). Right now I'm using a couple 2501s to practice on and study with. One of the local shops here have a really good deal on an 851W. The only thing is, it does not come with a power supply. I am thinking of picking it up to gain some more experience with a newer router, plus experiment more with the SDM. I've done some research on the internet but not sure of what power supply to hunt for.

    As per the Cisco Website it uses an: External Power Supply Universal 100 to 240 VAC.

    I tried doing an eBay search for "Cisco 800 Power Adapter" and came a cross a product that goes by 34-0875

    Just wondering if anyone knows whether this 34-0875 works on the 851W.

    However another website suggested PWR-850-870-WW1=

    I just emailed the seller of the 34-0875, but would feel more comfortable with an opinion from here
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you.
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    Default PS for 800 series

    The last time I had to buy a power supply for an 800 series it was $150!
    So, just be careful.
    If the router is $10-20, then yes, you're cool.

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    Default 34-0875-01?

    Hey thanks for the info Todd, I appreciate it.
    The shop here has the router for something like $35 (which is cheaper than what I paid per 2501!)

    I found a 34-0875-01 power cord for under $10 on eBay as well. So totally it's looking to be less than $50 for the whole set up! I think it's a good deal since the 851Ws on eBay are a few hundred dollars.

    The only thing I am not clear about is if this 34-0875-01 adapter works with the 851W. I have searched around quite a bit on the net for this info but keep coming up short. I even came across a site that said the 34-0875-01 doesn't work on all 800 series routers. So that just added to my confusion.

    Would you know if this 34-0875-01 does work with the 851W?

    I am sure there are tons of places that sell a power adapters for the 851W, I'm just not really clear on the specific adapter model (or adapter type) to look for.

    Thank you again.

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    Default same PS

    I have an 871W, and it uses the same proprietary PS that the 851 does, so yes, that should work. Don't send me the bill if it doesn't!
    The 800 PS's have always been a weird breed.
    Keep collecting equipment, it's cheap, better then any sim and fun too!

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    Default Getting it!

    Thanks again Todd!
    I'm gonna go ahead with it. Really excited about it!
    Packet Tracer is great, but having the real equipment is way more fun to play with. Really trying to gain as much hands-on experience.
    I'll let you know how it goes...or send you the bill if it doesn't work (just kiddin!)

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    Surely one of the mysteries of the world is where all the 800 series power supplies went... See lots of the units on ebay without power supply. The 831 I just bought came with an oem or generic power supply. Seems to work fine, but doesn't have that pair of claws to prevent the plug from slipping out.

    The unit takes 18 volts and 1.1 amps with plus on the center pin. Mine is "condor" model std 18011-u. Don't sue me if it burns out your unit, as I have only had mine for a day.

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