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    Post RIP protocols-classfull routing and classless

    I am in the process of learning CCNA certification.
    I would like to have clarfication regarding the RIP Protocol.
    as per the CCNA book,RIP protcols supports classfull routing.
    As per my under standing,RIP supports classfull routing class full routing is ,all my network devices interfaces should be having the same sub net information,so that i can have a communication.. .
    this information available in the CCNA study Guide-640-802age #384

    but I have network set up ,like this,with Ip address of each interfaces as belongs to these network id(s),192 .168.1.64 and etc..
    with subnet mask address of
    I think,all these address are beloning to classfull ip address...
    I have configured RIP and i have used network id
    But i could see routing updates only in one router,other router doesnt show remote network address...could you please let me know,what could be the reason for not having the communication.. ..
    But it works in rip version 2

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    Ripv1 doesnt support VLSM...

    Ripv2 does
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    Hi Namar,
    lildeezul is correct (again....LOL)

    If you read your question, you answered it yourself.
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