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    Default Recently passed ICND1, studying for ICND2 exam..

    I was a CCNA before, expired in 2004. I am currently unemployed, but with enough savings to study and certify for up to a year.

    I passed the ICND1 with a 916 and 30 minutes left.

    That being said..Just the ICND1 test alone, was IMHO, harder than the whole CCNA test I took back in 2001!!

    I have a 5 2500 series router, 2 2950 switch lab that I used to prepare for the test, along with Todd's CCNA guide and the "other" guide on the market..

    I felt reasonably well prepared for the exam, but when the test started, I was like, "Woah.. This is a LOT tougher than when I took the CCNA a long time ago.

    For those that are studying for the CCNA, I would HIGHLY recommend you follow Todd's advice and get a small lab set up. Getting a Cisco certification is a fairly big commitment of time, so don't sell yourself short.

    I hae actually worked with Cisco routers before in a small production environment, and I swear..If not for my strong troubleshooting skills, I would have been dead meat on the CCENT. I only took 2 weeks to go though my CCENT studies, as I thought that would be enough to prepare me for the "easy CCENT part."

    I now realize why Todd has been saying the new CCNA is a tough exam, even though he has many higher Cisco certs... This new CCNA actually TESTS whether you can go into a production environment and not do too badly.


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    Default CCNA is Cisco toughest written exam....

    IMHO....because they ask from such a broad list of topics. It's crazy tough.
    Even the Network+ is harder. I just finished a Net+ class here in Dallas and the students were sweating the exam out...they all passed, but it is no longer an intro cert either....but I have a good Net+ book out now.

    anyway's, the CCNA hard. You have to be able TO DO IT. No exam cram is going to help you. Get some equipment and spend hundreds of hours of study time.

    Congrats, Pouge, on your exam. If you study hard, you'll do fine!
    Todd Lammle

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    Quote Originally Posted by lammle View Post
    IMHO....because they ask from such a broad list of topics. It's crazy tough.

    Todd Lammle
    I'm a smart enuff dude to know you have a vested interest in saying how tough the CCNA (and any other cert you have a study guide for, or plan to write one for...wink) is, but I ain't hating on yah at all, bro... LOL.

    You teach well, and offer a great body of knowledge to the networking world.


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    Default yes & no

    I don't make much money from the books. With the internet and so many compatative products, and not to mention the many free download sites my books are located at, my numbers received for all my hard work do not make it worthwhile. Many people don't beleive me, but I am telling the truth here.

    I write the books to help me get students and get clients for my consulting company. My royalties come in april, just enough to pay new cars every year anymore...

    So, you buying my book doesn't make the CCNA easier or me rich. That sentence sucks for both of us....LOL

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