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    Default Question about WAN links


    I am using your CCNA book to study for the exam.

    Last night I finished my first "readthroug h" of the book. I work as a network technician for an norwegian ISP, and I have to say that I started to wonder when I read the section on WAN links.

    It describes alot, but it doesnt mention ADSL2+. After what I could see it doesnt mention ethernet as a form of WAN connection.

    Is this because ethernet isnt considered a WAN connection type?

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    The ethernet over WAN, (as well as ADSL+) is not in the CCNA criteria. Just a guess.
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    Big Evil is exactly right.

    You wont learn ADSL and how to configure it, until your ISCW of the CCNP course, and Ethernet as a WAN (metro Ethernet) wont be learned until the BCMSN studies of the CCNP courses.

    as a CCNA the only wan you need to study is HDLC, PPP, Frame-relay. pretty much it.

    In the CCNP they dont discuss frame-relay at all, becuase newer technologies are emerging such as Site-site IPsec VPNS, remote access VPNS, MPLS, ADSL, ect.

    hope this helps
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