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    Default page 442 / 443, text missing?

    Isn't there some text missing between page 442 and 443, namely the command, debug ip eigrp notification, that starts the output on page 443?

    I ran a shut on f0/1 on page 442 and assumed page 443 wanted me to run the notifications command, which I did, but nothing happens.

    Another thing, on page 442, running the debug eigrp packets command started producing endless pages of output. I discovered that you can still hit the up arrow button and go back to the start of the command and insert a 'no' to stop it. I almost got flicker vertigo, but not quite.
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    I thought I was wrong once. But, of course, I was wrong.

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    Oh, ok. My assumption was out of sequence...

    I was just reading along in the book and testing out the commands and at the bottom of page 442 I did the:

    Corp(config)#in t f0/1
    Corp(config)#sh ut

    and then I thought that would lead to the 'debug ip eigrp notification' command. There wasn't a line on the page to do that so I typed it in anyway. Nothing happened. So I no'ed the debug command, did a 'no shut' on f0/1, did a cntrl-z, and entered the debug command before the 2 lines above, then I saw the debug output.

    There needs to be a 'debug cramsession bs_kwaj notifications' command!
    I thought I was wrong once. But, of course, I was wrong.

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