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    Smile Max hop count of EIGRP?

    Hi everyone,

    On page 418, Todd says that the max hop count of EIGRP is 255. Some of the other material I've studied gives a max of 224. Just to make it more confusing, Cisco has a white paper that states the maximum as 220 ( Which is correct?

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    Default EIGRP Hop count

    There have been seemingly different values for this number of the years. Depending on the version of code that you look at, the number could be slightly different.
    However, most any current 12.X version of IOS has a maximum of 255 hops. The following is a cut that I made from a router with the sample configuraiton. You can see that the option for configuration is from 1 - 255.

    Router(config-router)#metric ?
    holddown Enable EIGRP holddown
    maximum-hops Advertise EIGRP routes greater than <hops> as unreachable
    weights Modify EIGRP metric coefficients
    Router(config-router)#metric max
    Router(config-router)#metric maximum-hops ?
    <1-255> Hop count
    Router(config-router)#metric maximum-hops

    Hope this helps you.

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    Default EIGRP hop count

    Thank you, Pat

    Please see my page 425 in my 6th edition.
    Unlike other books, and Cisco, I rarely make sh*t up, although it's been known to happen, like the intro to my last blog..hahahaha

    anyways, that is an output from a 12.4 IOS on my 2811 router and at the bottom what does the output say?

    That right, straight from the horses', err....routers output...(1-255) for hop count of EIGRP.

    I don't read Cisco's books and white papers, and their web site and take them literally. I don't think they actually MEAN what they write all the time, but in this case, I did mean what I wrote.

    So, you think you might want to believe what cisco writes, but I like what the router always tells me.

    And BTW: the best source is always your console cable.

    Todd Lammle

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    Thanks guys. I guess my fear was that the answer Cisco expected on the exam would be 220 (or 224, or whatever). As you mention a couple of times in the book, the real answer can be very different from the answer Cisco expects on the exam.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Indeed, sometimes there is two answers. Cisco's exam answer and a real world answer. Unfair but true.

    Pat and Todd have given you the answer, but i would like to add that if you were to run wireshark you would see in the header a hex number between 0x00 (directly connected network) and 0xFF (255), both in type 0x0102 (IP internal routes Type/Length/Value) and type 0x0103 IP (external routes TLV).
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    Cool, thanks for the info.

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