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    Question SDM asking me for SSH credentials ?

    Hi I downloaded SDM on my vista OS, when i am trying to open it with the loopback address it tells me unable to launch SDm due to

    1. ip address or hostname provided is not a valid router address or is not reachable

    2. HTTP/HTTPS is disabled on the router

    I have a Dlink wireless router and when i login through my default gateway (router address) it is telling me to enter ssh credentials username/password dont know what that is , please help ,

    also do i check the box for https is enabled and i want to use it when opening SDM ?

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    Smile SDM asking me for SSH credentials ?

    To get the SDM work with loopback interface address you will have to download SDM demo tool and then follow the instructions that are in setup instruction doc.
    you can download sdm demo from here

    And I think it will not work with your dlink router as its a cisco tool and work only with cisco routers.

    For more info please refer to page no. 224 and 225 of lammle study guide 6th edition.

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