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    Feb 2010

    Unhappy Ripv2 Authentication

    Hello everybody! I was just making a couple of practice tests, including one that my Cisco Academy gave me, and I found a question about RIPv2 authentication. I was wondering if this is in the CCNA objectives, because this is not even mentioned int Mr Lammle's book (except that it can be authenticated). But the question asked about the commands to achieve that, which are not explained in the book.

    So, if it is not in the objectives, why would it appear in a practice test? And it was a test engine for the 640-802.
    This problem or doubt also brought other questions to my head, because I have found some other questions that also are not mentioned in the book. For example, the type of connector that uses ISDN BRI, or the technology that uses ATM (cell switching, now I know). Don't know if this is the right place in the forum to ask but, is the CCNA exam going to ask questions that ARE not explained/mentioned in the book? Does the book is EVERYTHING I need to pass the exam? Or its just the problem of those practice tests that include things not covered in the exam?

    Thanks for the help!

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    Jun 2009


    I don't think any one book (out of the few that I picked up) would prepare anyone fully, for the depth of the exam. Practice test and scinerioes, diagrams, etc. are just as important as reading. Along with reading the book a couple of times, I also prefered practicing the basic configs that were objectives on a simulator (rather than just memorizing) but one could just memorize all the commands as well and bypass the "learn by repetion" method. But yes, I learned as much from the practice test as I did the reading.
    CCNA June 2009

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    Dec 2006

    Default Current CCNA Exam

    I've "heard", but do not have hard facts, that the CCNA will change before the end of the year, but we won't know until they do it - Cisco keeps this one test really under wraps.

    However, for the current exam, everything, I mean everything, is covered in my current CCNA 6th edition. If it's not in the book, then you're fine.

    However, I covered things like SDM and CNA (GUI Interfaces) that are above the objectives and don't need to be studied at this time.

    So, not to be specific on any one question such as RIP authentication, but I don't cover it in this edition for a reason.

    Todd Lammle

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    Jun 2009


    When I read your post Todd I realize I should have clarified: all of the concepts are covered in the book, but the practice exams force you to put the concepts to work in order to fully prepare you. By utilizing the practice test, I was much more knowledgable than I was after just reading the book. Great book, by the way Todd, thanks!
    CCNA June 2009

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    Feb 2010


    Thank you for the response Todd! Knowing this will make my life easier jaja. Those questions that are not even mentioned in your book just freaked me out. I can be at peace now. But of course, I am learning more by doing the practice tests.


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    Jan 2010


    Does that mean I don't need to use SDM? I hope not as I prefer CLI, but I shall brush up on SDM if it's needed for the current exam.

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