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    Feb 2010

    Unhappy Chapter 9 Test Topics: RSTP

    In Chapter nine Topics covered by the chapter it states: "Describe enhanced switching technologies (RSTP)" and "Configure, verify, and troubleshoot RSTP". Why isn't any of this in the chapter?
    And Todd, maybe you can tell me, apparently RSTP is a VERY important CCNA objective, but it isn't explained too much in the book. It only says that it is an improvement over STP and how to enable it. But it doesn't says anywhere that the port states have been changed, or the roles that the new port states have, etc.

    I'm kinda sad because I actually believed that everything was in the book. I know like 95% of the book, but I know nothing else . Do you actually think I can pass the CCNA exam?

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    Dec 2006

    Default RSTP and my CCNA 6th Edition

    My book does cover everything you need to know for the 2010 Feb exam as I just took it last week and got a 1000 and everything, I mean everything is in my book. You really need to know it, of course, and just reading the book won't do it - you need hands-on, especially with NAT and Frame Relay, but all the topics and objectives are covered.

    Yes, RSTP has ONE new port state define - big deal, it does the same thing:
    Disabled = Discarding
    Blocking =Discarding
    Listening=Disca rding
    Learning=Learni ng

    So instead of having the four states, there are two with RSTP. That's all you need to know.

    The rest is covered 100% because STP is STP regardless if it is 802.1d or 802.1w - as far as the CCNA objectives are concerned. In other words, your root bridge, root ports, designated, and forwarding ports are all figured out the exact same way - using the lowest cost (highest bandwidth). RSTP just does it faster, much, much faster.

    "802.1w (RSTP) is backwards compatible to 802.1d and defines the discarding port state". You've covered the CCNA objectives for RSTP now...

    However, this does not mean you don't really need to understand STP - YOU DO! But my book covers it.

    And well you're at is, be sure and go through VTP and VLAN's.

    Todd Lammle

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    Feb 2010


    Thank you for the reply Todd. And I'm sorry for asking this kind of questions. I'm just a little freaked out by the exam, that's all.


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    Dec 2006


    Quote Originally Posted by DarkTriforce View Post
    Thank you for the reply Todd. And I'm sorry for asking this kind of questions. I'm just a little freaked out by the exam, that's all.

    Are you serious? A question like this is the exact reason I started this forum!

    You should be freaked out by this exam - it is HARD. You have to really know this material.

    In my CCNA bootcamp, we go from 8am to 11pm every day! This test is no joke, and at $250 a pop, this creates a very scary situation every time!

    Hands-on labs is the key to success.
    Todd Lammle

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    I struggled with RSTP I know exactly where you are at! Just take a deep breath and seriously study this section.. Look at all the figures and be able to identify everything in your head. Looking by Mac addresses, and port numbers, connections, etc.

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