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Hi all
I have uploaded two files in the zip format of a layout of diagrams, one of the many on which I am practicing for my CCNA Exam. I am practicing on these diagrams, and have uploaded one of the diagram, so that members can practice on them too. You may note that I am not included any wireless device, because the present CCNA objectives do not have any wireless into it.

The two files are named Dancing Scorpion II and Dancing Scorpion III.

The layout of the two files are the name. The difference between them being, that the first network, there is no connection. In the first format, members are requested to draw their own network, as they please, without changing the devices or their layout.

In the second scenario, I have connected the devices. You all are requested to add settings, VLANS, IP addresses and all other which are required for your CCNA Exams. Here also, you are not to change the settings, devices or even change the layout of the devices.

Thanking you,

Milan Chatterjee
Thanks dude...save me the headache of trying to design networks to practice on....