I had a "funny" but serious experience today at a client's office. I had configured an 1811 wireless router, only to go and install. But there, I could NOT ping the Ethernet interface of the VSAT Modem.

The IP addresses were correctly configured and both interfaces were in the same subnet. I even configured the same speed (auto/full duplex) on both interfaces, used both straight through and cross-over cables, all to no avail.

Please can somebody help me? I want a solution to this issue. I configured the same subnet on my laptop and plugged directly to the Modem, and it worked perfectly. But its not working with the 1811 ISR FastEthernet 0 interface.

Could it be an encapsulation mismatch? The router in use presently is a Mikrotik router and its working fine.

Please help me out!
Thanks for your usual useful contributions.