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    Default Review question no.8 page 485

    Which of the following are true regarding OSPF areas? (Choose three.)
    You must have separate loopback interfaces configured in each area.

    The numbers you can assign an area go up to 65,535.

    The backbone area is also called area 0.

    If your design is hierarchical, then you don’t need multiple areas.

    All areas must connect to area 0.

    F. If you have only one area, it must be called area 1.

    is D a correct answer, because i understand that for the design to be hierarchical you need to divide a large network to small areas, you need multiple areas.

    can someone explain please?

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    Answer D says that for a hierarchical structure, you don't need multiple areas, so it is false, as you correctly state you do need multiple areas for hierarchy.
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