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    On page 433, at the bottom, the output of sh ip route on the Corp router is printed.

    The output shows that the route to is advertised through EIGRP with an Administrative Distance of 90. However, on my setup (that slightly varies in terms of hardware), the static route with an AD of 150 shows up.

    When I change the metric to 200, the network is advertised with an AD of 170 (as I thought), which is the default for External EIGRP. Shouldn't the output reflect that?

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    As far as the static route with an AD of 150. This is most likely left over from chapter 6. Look at your config.

    Keep in mind that if the router gets more than one route to the same subnet, only one will be included in the routing table. All other things being equal the route with the lowest AD wins. The AD 170 route will beat out the AD 200 route. The AD 200 would not be in the routing table.

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    You have something wrong with your configs.
    You shouldn't have any external routes. It's not like I made up the configs in the book, I took them right off my stack of routers.
    Are you redistributing? Are you running IGRP on one router? Do you have more than one AS?

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    Default He's correct


    On that page you were showing how to redistribute EIGRP to RIP. You go through the commands and then do a show ip route after the commands were inputed. Your output shows that everything worked with just those commands. However, because you redistributed EIGRP to RIP then the AD of that route will be treated as an external route with an AD of 170. So you would have to first remove the static route that was inputted in a previous chapter in order for the new route to show up. (Since the static routes in the previous chapter were put in with an AD of 150).

    You don't reference removing the static route before hand. Which you had to do for your routes to come out right and you would have to do it on each router. (This is assuming you want the reader to follow the exact configs on the network from chapter to chapter.)
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    yes, all good points. Sorry, that was a few beers ago...err...yea rs ago and it is possible I removed that static route and didn't show that. This would be the only option that makes sense.
    However, good troubleshooting , configuring, and reasoning! You're going to be a CCNA soon!
    Todd Lammle

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