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    Default Page 631 Extended Access List Example 2

    On page 631, under the extended access list example 2, it explains that one ACL is going to be used in the example to meet the CCNA objectives, but it appears as though there are three. There are three lines of "access-list 110". Are not each of these a creation of an access list? I know that the permit ACL HAS to be included in order for the previous two to function correctly. Any clarification on this would be appreciated.

    I've never quite understood ACLs and I think I am finally catching on so I am not giving up easily this time!

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    The 3 lines together make up access list 110. Remember each line in a access list is processed in order that they were entered.

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    Thanks! I guess that was a small oversight on my part. So, to clarify, each access list will have a different number (within in the specified ranges for the type of access list desired)? Not sure why I overlooked something so simple.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Wait until you get to named ACL's they can be so much easier!
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