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    Default Review ? #11

    Should the answer not be Router1(config) #ipv6 router rip 1 or Router1(config-if)ipv6 rip 1 enable instead of Router1(config-if)#ipv6 router rip 1? The example routers were configured using ipv6 rip 1 enable on the interfaces on pages 759-60, but the explanation for question 11 on page 771 says that the ipv6 router rip number command is used on the interface. I'm guessing the book is wrong in either the example or the review, just not sure which.

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    According to Cisco, to enable RIPng for IPv6, the following command is used on an interface:
    (config-if)# ipv6 rip name enable

    This is from the document located at

    I take it that the explanation to the review question is incorrect, as is the answer, and the explanation on page 760 in the book is correct.

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    Yes the answer given here is the one who should be typed in global mode not in interface mode.


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    Default chpater 13, question 11

    yes, this is right and is already in the errata.

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