I'm using both Todd's study guide and the Net+ Testout Labsims. My question is regarding the maximum segment length on a 100BaseFX cable. Testout says its 412 meters and Todd states 2,000 meters. I found a website http://www.dslreports. com/faq/7800 that supports both answers. 412 for Half Duplex and 2,000 for Full Duplex.

I know that for my own knowledge I should know both answers and I am studying that way but I would like to know if I should be concerned with both answers for the test?

If a question on the test asked, "What is the maximum transmission distance of a 100BaseFX cable?" Without mentioning half or full duplex what would the correct answer be? 412 or 2,000?
I wrote Testout and they said 412, just looking for your opinion.

I know its a simple stupid question but I'm new to Networking and just want to make sure I answer correctly.

I appreciate your help and time