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    Default Configuring IP routing p.345 & p.348

    This question relates to configuring the IP routing for figure 6.9 on page 341 (6th edition).

    On page 345 (first line), while configuring the 'Corp' router, the banner is set using:
    Corp(config)#ba nner motd # This is my Corp 2811 router #

    right afterwards (second line), there is the code line:

    Is this a typo? If not, how did we get into interface configuration mode.

    Also on page 348, while configuring the R1 router, the 9th and 10th lines are:
    R1(config-line)#banner motd # This is my R1 ISR Router #
    R1(config)no ip domain-lookup

    Is it OK to set the banner from the line configuration mode?
    And how did we get to global configuration mode without exiting.

    Thank you for your help.

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    Looks like a typo mate, well spotted.
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    The idea wasn't to show you the different way's to get into those configurations modes, as I had already done that. I was explaining the commands. I can see why you asked the question.

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