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    Default % Pg 159 IP Octet to change? Subnetting

    The question asks to sub net this is a class A network.

    T.L changes the second octet when adding the blocks surely the octet to change for each network would be the third?

    This has completely lost me.

    I thought when you have a subnet mask you would change the third octet, anything with 255 you leave along and go to the next octet?


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    Hi mid4,

    First let's make sure we have the correct terminology. The is the subnet mask. You are not subnetting the subnet mask. You subnet a network address.

    With that being said, let's look at the example 1A on page 159 that you are referring to.
    The Class A default mask is In this example, he is going to use the mask So, he has taken 8 bits away from the host portion to use for network addressing. These are your 8 subnet bits. So he does the calculations based on that.

    Hope this helps.

    Edit: Just realized this thread is a year old. Oops.

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