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    Default 7th Ed - Page 336 a note about step 4


    Just incase anyone else hits this. Step 4 at the top of page 336 asks you to ping routerb. In my case this failed as I had done the command 'no ip domain-lookup' mentioned in Step 2. This command appears in my situation to disable any form of domain lookup, it won't even look in the HOST file on the router.

    Tested with Packet Tracer 5.3.1. I expect this is the correct behaviour of using this command. Can anyone else confirm that no ip domain-lookup is meant to do this?

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    "no ip domain-lookup" simply stops the router from trying to telnet to anything you accidentally type in at the command line, I think.

    It doesn't affect ping, I think.

    (I think, therefore I might be confused.)
    I thought I was wrong once. But, of course, I was wrong.

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    Default no ip domain-lookup

    That sounds like a PT issue.

    The command is enabled by default and will try and resolve what it thinks is a host name to a DNS server.

    If you disable it, then the hosts table can be used.

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