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    Default Mini IOS / RXBoot

    I'm a little confused with this Mini IOS RXBoot and would like someone to explain the following.

    What exactly is it?

    How does it work?

    How does it differ from IOS in flash memory?

    Many thanks,


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    Default Configuration Register

    Could someone provide clarification please of my description in the brackets below- have I got the them right?

    Page 256- "These are the main reasons you would change the Configuration Register":

    "To force the system into the ROM monitor mode"
    (this can be for password recovery?)

    "To select a boot source and default boot filemane"
    (the boot source is the Startup Config and can be loaded from NVRAM, TFTP?),

    "To enable the Break function"
    (this allows you to select ctrl and Break to interrupt reload to get into ROMMON?),

    "To control broadcast addresses"
    (how does this help?)

    "To load the operating software from ROM"
    (Load the IOS from ROM),

    To enable booting from a TFTP Server"
    (Get the IOS from TFTP and load Startup Config from NVRAM or get IOS from Flash and Startup Config from TFTP?)


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    Default Chapter 7

    I am running through ch 7 and am trying to follow along with the book so I can see what things look like when thery are actually done. I only have packet tracer and the Titanium edition 2.0 and I can not modify the configuration register. Does any one else doing these labs know what I can do. I am at the point to where I might just say " the book says it so it must be true ". I have read alot on the topics in chapter 7 and it has been a huge challenge to get the ideas behind it in my head. I would just like to be able to run through and check that I know how and what to do when changing the config-register. Any help at all would be nice. I am comfortable witsh what Todd says but to do is much better for knowing. Thanks in advance

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