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    Default 7th Edition Chapter 7 Hands on labs


    I am currently confused at how I am supposed to have the router(s) and server set up when it comes to assigning ip addresses to them in order to make the ping possible and making sure the router can connect to the TFTP server. I am still at the very first lab (7.1, Chapter 7) and confused at how to do this through Packet Tracer. Anyone have any suggestions? I really want to do this lab because I am having trouble with this chapter and want to see if my understanding can get any better through these practices.

    And let me see if I got this right...I use a Crossover cable to connect these devices right?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Here is a youtube video that might answer some questions.

    Sorry he appears to have quite an annoying voice, or did in my opinion ......
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    Thank you.

    However, That topology has already been pre-configured. I'm talking about the set up and the addressing aspects. It already looks like he already configured the addresses to each device and that is where I am getting at.

    What address do I use?

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    Currently set up the local network just like in the video and assigned this to the server.

    Ip Address:
    Default Gateway:

    So is the network address in this case? Sorry if this is a stupid question, I haven't really done many labs like this. Mostly physical and mental stuff.
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