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    Default Deluxe ed CCNA study guide or norm? Is virt lab useful in addition to packet tracer?


    Please could someone advise me if it is still worth getting the Deluxe 6th Edition of the CCNA study guide if I am going to have access to packet tracer when I start my course or just worth getting the normal 7th edition study guide? If the virtual lab is still a useful tool in addition to the packet tracer I will get the deluxe edition but if they do the same thing then I will probably get the normal edition. I think if I enroll on an academy CISCO course I get permanent access to packet tracer.

    There’s not that much difference in cost between the two books so if people still think its worth going for the deluxe edition please let me know. I am going to purchase Lammle’s study guide in addition to the CISCO press one's for comprehensive coverage and an alternative explanation. A lot of people recommend using both texts so assume this is best.

    Many thanks


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    Getting more than one study source is key. You want to study as much as possible from as many different sources as possible.

    If you have Packet Tracer than the vritual lab won't help you. The benefits of the Deluxe is that the book is in hardback and also there are twice as many practice questions and flash cards.

    Todd Lammle

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