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    Default help Configure NAT Overload on home lab

    Hi everyone. I have trouble configuring Nat overload on my network.
    Ok..... this is what i have.... ( i will use fake IP address for secuirty)

    When i go to it tell me
    I have a netgear cable/modem that has a wan Ip address of
    this ip addressing scheme has a mask.

    I will be configure NAT on router 1...
    this is what i understand. when i use the command...
    ip nat inside source list NAT_ADDRESS interface e0/1
    now to my understanding. Whatever the ip address on int e0/1 is, my computer will be translated to this ip address...
    now so this is where im confused.. Do i make the ip address on e0/1 becuase this is my WAN ip address, and since the ip address on my computer will bet translated to whatever is on ether0/1... and thats what the ip address i use to access internet?
    is that correct... IF not what should i have my e0/1 ip address configured at..
    Also i spoke to my ISP and they are only leasing me one ip address...
    also my netgear cable/modem is a DHCP server, and it is giving ip address to my host..
    if this is confusing. I am making a network diagram right now so will i can show yall how i am hooked up...
    basically i dont know what to set my e0/1 ip address to..???

    Heres my setup
    the modems IP and internet IP is stated above in the post.
    what do i set my e0/1 ip address to be so that i can access the internet.?? to my understand should my computer be translated to because this is what the isp give me... am i correct ?

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    What IP Address are you getting when your PC is plugged into the Netgear?
    You should just be able to use DHCP to get an IP address on that E0 port -- for now.
    You need to figure out if your Netgear is already doing NAT/PAT and giving out private IP Addresses to the internal network via DHCP, or if it's just passing through the external IP address to the host (or soon to be router).
    Do you have a static IP from the cable company?

    when my pc is plugged into my netgear. i am getting a Lan Ip address of
    yeah that is what i did. I set up my e0/1 to recieve an ip address via DHCP from netgear.
    but i think its passing out lan ip, not wan ip address.
    So yes, i belive my Netgear is already doing PAT.... I will see if i can disable that.
    I also have this Aris (or whatever its called) cable modem that i could use. I dont believe that is runnning PAT...
    DANG>>> i forgot to mention... The netgear is connected to the aris i belive by a coax cable...
    the coax cable runs into my house, then it has a T connector, and it splits to the aris and then then the netgear..
    So i believe that the Aris doesnt run Nat, and the Netgear does..
    again, ill see if i can disable it, but i didnt see the option in the netgear config (when i type in the web browser)
    No. Mike... My ISP said they Dynamically give me an ip address. but it has been 6 months and it hasn't changed yet.. so i believe it wont change on me.. even when the lease expires and a new one is updated it is still the same ip address. so i dont think it will change.
    hope this helps

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