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    Default 6th edition to 7th edition OSPF single or multiple areas?

    I have to ask (I do not have the 7th edition), the 6th edition says that the Cisco objectives focus on single area configuration when configuring OSPF...

    Has this changed to multiple area configurations for OSPF? or still single configuration?

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    Default ospf areas

    I wouldnt worry too much about configuring multi areas on the ccna exam right now. Has never been asked as an exam question, AFAIK.

    but it never hurts to know the basics, as that can always be helpful if they try to trip you up on another question.

    • Know that Area 0 is the backbone area, and it MUST be called area 0, if you have multi area.
    • Know that you always want to configure your single area as area 0, just in case you expand to multi areas later on.
    • Know that ABRs, (area border routers) bridge between their area and the backbone area.
    • Routers in one area share the same link state database, and communicate to other areas by going through the backbone router.
    • Know that you manually summerize routes on the ABR's (ospf has no auto summary).
    that should be enough, and probably 100% more than you need to know for CCNA - here is a little graphic just for more overkill
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