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    Default cisco packet tracer issues

    cisco packet tracer allows rip v1 routing with classless networks
    it behaves funny

    i configured f0/0 of router 1 with network
    i configured the 2 fast ethernet int's of router 2 with & networks network pc can pin to both networks of router 2

    that should not happen, right ?
    sometimes it allows you to ping, sometimes it wont, and then when u change ripv 1 to 2 it allows u to ping and sometimes it wont, i went crazy

    my trainer told me that this happens in cisco packet racer and suggested me to use GNS, i downloaded it and it's not that easy to use, i still am figuring our how to use gns

    also cpt does not allow bundling of eigrp links, have u all faced this problem too,


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    Quote Originally Posted by aneksadh View Post
    also cpt does not allow bundling of eigrp links, have u all faced this problem too,
    Yes - known issue with PT.
    Maddox Thomas-Clark 14/10/2008
    Bean Thomas-Clark 18/09/2007
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    I thought RipV1 didnt allow classless routing and everything had to have the same subnet mask? I did I misunderstand this which I read it?

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