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    Default Routing loop with lab 13.1

    I put the lab13.1 in Packet Tracer and when I ping from the router C to the ISP router I see the packet going back and forth between the ISP router and Lab A router.... Im pretty sure I did everything right like whats in the book. Im trying to get setup so I can do NAT but I want to make sure the network is correct before I precede. Here is a copy of it and the password is charter and the secret is charter1. Any help would be most appreciated.
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    Look at Serial 0/1/0 on Router 1, I think you meant to put "171" as the first octet instead of "71".

    interface Serial0/1/0
    description WAN to the Internet
    ip address
    clock rate 2000000

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    I just found that and thank you for a quick response....its that kinda stuff thats going to get me in trouble on the CCNA.

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