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    I couldnt get the Ip route to propagate on 3 routers either so I zipped it up and its attached to this box.
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    Sorry I re did it but this time with with all bad...I forgot you said it need all serials for propagation.

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    LOL I forgot to add it but here you go.
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    ok, now add the network statement to R2:

    then you will see the default routes
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    My apologies, I had the quad zero net statement in my router eigrp config the whole time (forgot)

    I interpreted the documentation to be saying was all you had to do is add the
    ip route s?/? statement and eigrp automagically did the rest.

    Sorry about the confusion, but as least we learned something.
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    So I had to think this through and lab up default-information originate in RIP/OSPF to compare.

    Both the RIP/OSP method and EIGRP's method require two commands:

    EIGRP = quad zero Network Statement plus the ip route command
    RIP/OSPF = quad zero Network Statement plus the default-information originate command

    I took this statement from Cisco "EIGRP redistributes default routes directly" to mean that all you had to do was add the ip route static default route and EIGRP would propagate it with just that one statement. (So I'm not sure what that statement means now).

    Anyway, what a bonehead.
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    Your a genius Ciscodaze thanks man. You have really been a big asset in my learning the CCNA.Just a thought Todd might want to consider putting this in his next book because when we learned about the quad zero's in his book it was just for Rip and the first question I had was what about the other routing protocols. It seems EIGRP is a little different. So with Rip and OSPF I can use ip route and default-information originate but with EIGRP I need to use network and the ip route

    I assume the network is added into the EIGRP config?
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    I know this is fixing to sound messed up but I used the ip route and the default-network command and took out the network quad zero command it propagated to all routers this time...not sure why it did in this network but not my other network. Still your network command works great and will be how I do it from now on. I understand default-network is being moved away from anyways.

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    yep, thats it.

    I think we got this nailed, finally.

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