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    Thumbs up CCNA Study Guide Exam 640-802, 6th Edition

    Does anyone notice here the PDF file contain on the CD got the wrong page 7 location?

    From page 6 to 8, then 9 followed by 7 then 10...

    I hope this will help to those preferred to read the PDF files.


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    Default chapter 5

    iam studying from this book 6th ed.
    but i have a little problem in chapter 5 "managing cisco internetwork"
    i can not see "resolving hostnames commands" , i always get a message from adobe reader saying "mono3frame-regular font cant be seen" !
    and i get blank instead of them
    any help??

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    Default PDF problems

    I am not sure what is wrong with the PDF version. I haven't seen any problems myself.

    Noha, please see the actual book for the commands. For some reason they are not showing up in your pdf, but in my book they show up.


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