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    Default IGRP not recognized?

    I think I'm probably just going to skip it and move right along to EIGRP, but I was just going to set up IGRP in my lab to 1) say I've done it, and 2) actually see it work. I have 12.3 on a 2501 and 12.4 on a couple of 2600 series routers and it doesn't recognize IGRP? Is this the ios, or am I doing something wrong?

    R1(config)#rout er igrp 100

    % Invalid input detected

    It seems simple enough? The ^ is just below the G. List of available commands for "R1(config)#rou ter i?" shows:
    isis iso-igrp

    Your help is much appreciated!

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    yes, move along, move along, nothing to see here

    I read another post from a guy with same router (2501), same IOS...he had to downgrade to 12.2 to get igrp.
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    You will be able to see what protocols you boxes have by using -

    (config)#router ?

    One very old box i have showing egp!
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    Default Alrighty then.

    Very good.

    Thanks, guys.

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