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    Default Stub network

    Ok,i'm having trouble trying to understand the definition of a stub network! If a router is connected to a corporate one via 2 serial interfaces can we consider it as a stub network and can we put a default route onto this router? The example in chapter 6 figure 6.9 in combination with what it's said in Default Routing section about routers R1,R2,R3 and 871w mess me up!

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    Yes you would normally put a D-R on a stub router -
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    I always think of a stub network as having only one route out i.e. connects to only one router. This definition is somewhat fuzzy, as it's not literally true, but it gives an indication to it's meaning.

    For instance, when you declare an EIGRP router as a stub, it does not try to send query messages out all of it's interfaces when a route goes down. It only sends to it's EIGRP neighbour(s), as these are the only possible interfaces from which a response can be gained.
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