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Thread: NAT terms table

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    Default NAT terms table

    I am reading chapter 13 (NAT), in table 13-2 , the term ouside local is defined as name of destination host after translation , and the term outside global is defined as name of outside destination host before translation.
    Can any one help in these terms? I have spent alot of time trying to get them, but still getting confused about them.

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    Cisco's CCNA objectives are basically these terms:

    Inside local: host IP before translation
    Inside global: host IP after translation
    Outside local: your router interface connecting to the ISP
    Outside global: The Internet destination IP address


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    This explains it with a diagram

    This get's less confusing when you consider NAT can work both ways, not just hiding your private addresses behind a public address i.e you could have a public device appear to be a local device through NAT.
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    Default thanks

    thank you guys.

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