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Thread: SDM and AC

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    Default SDM and AC

    Hello every one,
    I just reached chapter 10, ver6 for the CCNA, and i'm trying to do the SDM.
    I did install it and every think is ok, I can navigate to the SDM except the ACL with SDM, when ever I click on the configure>Firew all and ACL. It will not allow me to do any thing, it gives me a message "SDM has detected the the router is configured with either legacy and Zone Policy. you must first delete the legacy configuration"

    please see attached file

    any help will be great

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    Default SDM problem

    Are you using the demo or a real router?
    If this is a real router than this is a limitation of the program with your router. Make sure it is a x800 series router.
    If it is the demo, than it is a demo issue.
    If you have a real router, and it is an x800 series, then call cisco tac

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    Default Sdm

    thnx for the help, and I'm using Demo SDM


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