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Old 02-05-2012, 01:12 PM
lammle lammle is offline
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Perform a show ip interface brief and make sure the interface shows up in the output and is UP/UP.
Todd Lammle

Originally Posted by sparkz View Post
I am following along with Todds example in Chapter 8 setting up "Corp" router with vlan1 ip address

However when I do a show ip route, its not listing the vlan as an available route like in todds example. Heres my output:

Corp#show ip route
Gateway of last resort is not set is subnetted, 1 subnets
S [150/0] via is subnetted, 1 subnets
C is directly connected, FastEthernet0/0
Here is my sh run
interface Vlan1
 description Switch Card to Core Network
 ip address

What am I missing?
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