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Old 04-17-2012, 05:37 PM
IceBlue IceBlue is offline
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Originally Posted by ciscodaze View Post
You know, dude, you were starting to get some of my sympathy in your first reply, it is frustrating that people who seriously want to study ccna on their own cant get packet tracer from cisco by some means. However, you werent born into this world "entitled" to anything and everything you happen to want. Time to grow up. As far as Cisco "gifting" students with packet tracer, I went through the academy and paid a LOT OF MONEY in books and tuition...PT was one of the benefits. Is that hard for you to understand?

As far as your last comment quoted above about dumps, well, I just lost all respect for you after reading that.

Good luck trying to figure out right from wrong.
My friend, my last comment about dumps is called sarcasm! No need for your petty rudeness - we're all Cisco students here

And thank you for helping with my rant - you see outside of the US of A how easy is it to find a Cisco Academy? The original poster might not have access to the wonderful resources that an academy can provide that you paid a LOT for.

In London, there is only 1 Cisco Global Learning Partner providing classroom based courses. Just 1! London is a big place, so 1 is very surprising (I just checked on Cisco's web site and it only came up with 1 provider for CCNA) So say I live in Southampton (one of the ports the Titanic called at before she sailed to NY) Well London is too far so I might go a local provider who is not Cisco accredited. Therefore no Packet Tracer for me, thus I ask where to download it from.

Good luck? Yeah I wish the best of luck for all my fellow Cisco students!!!
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