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Old 01-29-2010, 09:14 AM
TheDon TheDon is offline
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Default Router to Router Cable? (DCE/DTE or Serial)

One is learning the CCNA book and there seems to be two ways so far to connect a Router to a Router. Todd talks about the DCE/DTE cable which simulates a WAN and I'd need a WIC-1T card on either router...but then again, jumping ahead to Frame Relays I noticed on eBay I can get a Frame Relay switch but those like 10-interfaces are all Serial (looks like 9-pin D's)...and not the same as a DCE/DTE interface - the number of pins are very different.

So...I'm at the section talking about the IOS/SDM/Hostname/DNS etc and how to telnet into another router. Would I need:
  • WIC-1T modules and a DCE/DTE X-Over to connect the routers together?
  • WIC-2T modules and some cable to connect the routers together (2T looks different to 1T)?
  • NM-4T 4-Port Serial Module?
I've got a 2610XM and 2620 router at the moment with only (Console / Aux / F0/0) on each router.

All I want to do is build a CCNA lab over time connecting Routers and Switches together. I'm thinking, somehow a 9-pin serial for Router to Router and each Router to a Catalyst via F0/0 etc.

Thanks in advance.
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