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Old 03-04-2011, 11:59 AM
Oscar the Grouch Oscar the Grouch is offline
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Default Route propagation and redistribution on the Figure 7.3 network

I set up real hardware in a close approximation of the network in fig. 7.3.

Rather than the 871W I used a 2514 (4/4 with IOS 10.x on it, yeah I'll upgrade it soon...). Note: The IOS on the 2514 does not support RIP v.2, so that was a learning experience right there, redistributing RIP v.1 into a RIP v.2 network; possibly even a test question(s)?

Anyway, I configured the gear as per the lab and found that the EIGRP route from the 871 (or 2514 in my case) did not redistribute. The topology table on Corp showed the route to the "871W" as "(FD) is inaccessible". Corp's routing table showed the route as a RIP route. The routes on the "871W" showed up as all RIP routes and connectivity was good.

After disabling RIP on every router except the 2 that needed it, I then noted that the topology table reported the same thing and the routing table now claimed the route as "S" for static.

So I then disabled all the static routes on all the routers and sure enough the route to the "871W" showed up as "D EX". The topology table confirmed this too.

After reading the Cisco documentation I learned that the AD of redistributed EIGRP routes is set to the "external" value of 170. Even the static routes with an AD of 150/151 took precedence in the routing table over the redistributed route.

The AD of an External EIGRP route might make a good test question.

Mr. Lammle, I think it'd be helpful to show a before and after disabling RIP and static routes on Corp for this lab. A cleaner and simpler solution might be to set the ADs of the static routes to 175/176 at the outset and then disable RIP after you have us configure the redistribution.

My two cents worth,

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