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Instructor taught the class professionally. I will certainly attend another Todd Lammle class.

Rafael Viera
Network Support
South Texas ISD
CCNA Voice

I had an excellent experience with the CCIE Written course. As with the CCNP Bootcamp, what I accomplished during the course would have taken me months to do on my own, and it gave me the momentum to prepare for the CCIE Lab.

Diana Cioffi

The CCNA boot camp was definitely a worthwhile experience (and I’m not just saying that because I passed!). There was a lot of hard work involved, but I not only ended up with a certificate almost necessary in my chosen profession as a network administrator, but I gained a lot of very useful knowledge as well. Can’t wait to get back and start applying it.

And, I’m already thinking CCNP.

Sandy Proesch
Network Administrator
Town of Jupiter

Hi Todd

I just passed CCNA yesterday with mark 854. I just wanted to thank you for your easy understanding material. This book was really easy to read and in my personal opinion it had exactly what i needed to pass (no useless material at all).
Thank you again



I want to thank you so much for helping me achieve my CCNA! This course was the hardest thing I have gone through in my career. Your knowledge of the subject and your teaching style went a long way in making it possible. I really enjoyed the classroom time this week. This was my third time to come to Globalnet and each time I have left with real world knowledge as well as a passed test. I will definitely be back and I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest your courses to a colleague. In fact I’ve already mentioned your VMWare course to a coworker. I also enjoyed meeting you and getting to know you a little bit!

Thanks again!

Steven Strain
IT Consultant

I wanted to “thank you” for providing the incredible books, review guides, and logical way of training that you do that I have been using since 2003 to keep my CCNA certification current. Without your books, study guides, website, videos, etc….I could have never learned to subnet in my head. I owe you so much (but I’m sure you have already gotten a little payback from all of the books I have purchased..LOL) and just wanted you to know how much I appreciate who you are & what you do. Please keep-up the good work and don’t ever stop what you are doing!

Shawn Wool

“Thank You” just does not seem adequate enough to convey my gratitude on your outstanding December 5th through 9th CCNA boot camp instruction and curriculum. It was one of the most intense boot camps that I’ve ever attended. While challenging, you still made every class interesting and relevant to the CCNA objectives. You have the unique ability to craft your message to be easily understood, while making it fun and extremely interesting.

It is well known in the IT circles that the CCNA certification is highly marketable. Many of my peers have attempted self-study with great difficulty. Your in-class labs helped solidify enterprise-level concepts which increased my confidence in taking the exam and successfully achieving certification my first attempt. A feat I would have thought impossible if it wasn’t for this course and your instruction. This has been the most significant investment in my career in the past six years.

I never thought I would have certified after only five days of class. This boot camp meets every single CCNA objective and truly does set you up for success. I wanted to extend my deepest and most sincere gratitude and let you know I wouldn’t have been able to do it without this course. Now I can’t wait till CCNP!

Randall L.

The ease of working with Wendy was a big reason for me coming to the course. The fact each student had our own real equipment versus simulators sets Globalnet apart in a great way from the competition.

Edward Schmidt

Todd was very thorough in his instruction, his methods are effective, and he was kindly patient with ALLLLL of my questions. I think I was far below the average knowledge level of others in the class so I exceeded my question quota on Monday at 3pm…and I was hesitant to ask questions. However, Todd encouraged me and answered any and all questions that I had. I appreciate his patience and help with the labs.

Danelle Hall

I like how Todd would inject enthusiasm into the class when he could sense we were getting tired or fatigued. His positive attitude really helped get me through the week. I don’t know where Todd gets his energy and drive from but I would like to know. He was fantastic. I really appreciated his realistic outlook on this course and the exam. Telling us how hard it will be and to study hard.The training facility was outstanding. You really made it easy for me to just be there and focus. The break room snacks and beverages really kept me going. I liked being to run down for a quick lunch and get back to it. I found everyone who worked at Globalnet that I encountered to be very friendly and accommodating. The labs really helped solidify what I was doing. Even on reading I got behind on I can always read at home after class week. Being there focused and working on labs really helped.

Mike Gelblicht

The CCNP Bootcamp far exceeded my expectations. I have never taken a Bootcamp before, nor did I want to ever take one. However, after failing the CCNP-Route exam with only self-study, I decided to try a Bootcamp, found Lammle.com quite accidentally and registered for the course. What I accomplished during the twelve days of Bootcamp would have taken me six to twelve months to accomplish on my own. I was so pleased with the CCNP Bootcamp that I took the CCIE Written Bootcamp immediately after!

Diana Cioffi

I have had many instructors over my professional career. Will was the most knowledgeable that I have come across in a long time. He knew the material and provided the needed motivation to make the forward progress in order to complete the course. It was a great experience.

Brad Stumbaugh

Will is an EXCELLENT teacher. He knows his subject matter inside and out. I felt fortunate to be a student of his. Will went above and beyond the call of duty. He took care of us at the hotel 24×7. Best that I have seen! Great facility, Great people. Nice environment. Excellent Overall Package and Program.

Howard Stockdale

Narbik was extremely in depth and went above and beyond what I had expected in the course. Narbik challenged the class to think outside the box to do things that we had not ever thought of to resolve issues. I would strongly suggest his course to anyone. The staff in the Dallas office are extremely nice to everyone. Great place to train.

Scott Moore

[Narbik is the] most knowledgeable engineer I have had met. The man has an incredible memory and his experience is unquestionable. He’s too modest… he is a GURU in the field. I look forward to attending another one of his classes.


This was my second time at GlobalNet, and I’m happy to say they are ‘two for two’.  I could write about the incredible training provided by Will Panek. I could write about the superiority of the test preparation materials and methods for achieving so much in so little time.  Ultimately it all comes down to this: Get there. Get to work. Get certified.

Bill Worden
Network+, Security+, MCSA, MCSE

I just wanted to write to provide you with an update on my job search since attending your classes in June and July. I was able to find the exact opportunity that I was seeking with [a Fortune 500 technology giant]. I will be working in their IT Operations Center beginning next week. The pay is exactly what Will said I should be able to obtain. I will be working night shift, as Pat suggested that this would help get me in the door and provide invaluable experience. The best part is, I will be utilizing my Cisco and Microsoft skills in this role, so I will stay fresh! Thanks again to GlobalNet for helping me to achieve new goals in my IT Career by obtaining new skills while enhancing old ones. During the interview process, I was not asked a single technical question, so I have little doubt that having the CCNP on my resume is what got me this job.  I just wanted to write in and say thanks for making it all happen for me!

Dale Frick

I was laid off back in April, and immediately went to Pat’s CCNA Bootcamp in Plano to get recertified. (My CCNA had expired in 2003.)  I followed it up with the CCNP Bootcamp the next week, and got that certification after just one retake the Tuesday after class finished. After a little over a month of searching, I started my new job last week. I make over 5% more than I was making, and I went from working in a cube in a converted warehouse, doing server capacity stuff I hated, to being the only Cisco guru on-hand in a beautiful 14th floor office in Las Colinas. (And I kept most of my severance money!)

Terry Clark

CCENT was my second class to take with GlobalNet Training, and Pat is the main reason for this. He is an excellent teacher and knows how to explain things clearly. I was very happy to see he was teaching this course when I arrived. Everyone at GlobalNet Training was very friendly and willing to help. The atmosphere seemed relaxed which helps keep the students relaxed during their course and test. You do a great job. Keep up the good work.

James Davis

Pat was very good at explaining where everyone could understand, not just those of us with experience. That helped not only them, but even us. It helped to understand things even better and in a different way. Obviously very knowledgable. Good at explaining things. Also keeps it interesting.

Jeff Tolbert

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