Todd Lammle, LLC, Consulting has been in the networking and training business for over 30 years, with the average employee having more than 25 years of consulting experience.

Choosing Todd Lammle, LLC, Consulting to provide your I.T. solutions will undeniably enhance the value of your I.T. investments by using its extensive capabilities to markedly reduce your costs and minimize your risks. We can and will transform your I.T. machine into an accelerator of business growth with innovative solutions and services designed and built to meet your specific business requirements and seriously amplify productivity.

Todd Lammle, LLC, Consulting can guarantee a positive outcome by virtue of over 30 years experience in the networking and training industry, as well as the fact that the key members of the team average more than 25 years of consulting experience.

Below is a brief on some of the ways we create and achieve reliably exceptional, cost-effective solutions for our clients:

  • Cut costs
  • Drive down IT expenditures by applying standards-based operational expertise from desktop to data center
  • Utilization of your current infrastructure and legacy devices whenever possible via our multivendor integration and management capabilities
  • Realize cost reductions by teaming with us to integrate, support and manage your operations end-to-end
  • Maximize ongoing efficiency with our thorough training of your I.T. staff
  • Highly comprehensive, accurate network reference documentation detailing critical phases of project as well as completed product, included at no extra cost to the client
  • Mitigate risks
  • Take advantage of Todd Lammle, LLC, process excellence based on industry-leading service management discipline and experience
  • Reliable access to the expertise you need to sustain the performance of your network
  • Ensure the continuity and scalability of the vital technology your business depends upon
  • Support your specialized business needs with standardized, repeatable services and consistently reliable global delivery
  • Accelerate business growth
  • Transform IT from a costly, consumptive necessity to a productive resource that contributes to growth and value with our economical, yet highly innovative approach to design and implementation
  • Leverage our collaborative delivery model to meet your unique business demands faster and more efficiently
  • Free your staff to focus on strategic business priorities by utilizing reliable, time-tested and flexible Todd Lammle, LLC, resources

This was my first Cisco (Firepower/FTD) training and I have to say that it was amazing.

The labs really helped me remember the training and make a great reference.

Vernon Tolbert

Information Security Engineer

Experienced at Bridgestone
This was my first Cisco (Firepower/FTD) training and I have to say that it was amazing.[br] The labs really helped me remember the training and make a great reference.[br] Vernon Tolbert[br] Information Security Engineer[br] Experienced at Bridgestone

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