Wait, Proctor, You Can Do That On A Router?

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I talk (harp) about the Cisco documentation so much sometimes that my students must be rolling their eyes. Thank goodness I typically cannot see them. :-)

One of the reasons I do this is because I never want one of my CCIE students to be in the lab exam deployment section for Enterprise Infrastructure and read a task and response with….”WAIT! YOU CAN DO THAT ON A ROUTER?!?!?”

The CCIE Lab Exam is the LAST place you ever want to be surprised like this. Need an example? Sure – let’s take one from my BGP series here at the incredible lammle.com site. In fact, let’s present it in proctor mode!


Section 5 EGP

5.1 BGP Peerings (4 pts)

Configure R5 so that it forms dynamic peerings with R2, R3, and R4. Do not use loopback addresses for these peerings.


Do you see how reading through the documentation for BGP can prove valuable for your exam? You would want to know that this is possible and you would have wanted to read about it and practice it at least once. This will be completely left out of many texts, courses, etc, regarding BGP. In fact, many of those authors would claim it is not possible.

And please keep in mind that my example here is a little bit lame. This is because this feature is EXPLICITLY CALLED OUT in the Exam Objectives. It is the Dynamic Neighbors feature from the BGP section.

If I were being more creative, like your proctors will be, I would have gone after a somewhat shocking BGP feature that was NOT on the objective list.

Notice also here how the task does not mention the true feature of Dynamic Neighbors. Instead, they try and throw us off a bit with dynamic peerings.

So the next time you hear me raving about the importance of the documentation in your studies, practice, and exam, please give me a pass! You just might get one too!

Since this feature is part of the official exam objectives, you can see me teach it and even provide a lab practice for it in the CCIE Mastering BGP series here at lammle.com. 

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