Updated Cisco DNA Center Training Coming Soon!

That’s right! Everyone seems to be talking about Cisco DNA Center, but few are creating great training on this important product!

Enter Lammle.com and an updated look at Cisco DNA Center in Q1 of 2021.

Here is a look at just some of the major topics we will be covering in full!

  1. Introducing Cisco DNA Center
  2. Managing Device Software Images
  3. Adding Devices with Discovery
  4. Integrating with an IPAM Server
  5. Assurance Features and Navigation
  6. Assurance Client Health
  7. Assurance Network Health
  8. The Assurance Path Trace Tool
  9. DNA Center in SD-Access
  10. DNA Center for Automation

I expect by the time we deep dive on these topics (and others), we will be looking at another action-packed course of about 40 videos. And yes, once again, there will be a massive emphasis on HANDS-ON LABS for those that love to follow along!

Cisco DNA Center


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