Cisco Firepower (FTD) ClassesMastering Cisco Firepower Threat Defense (FTD)

Todd Lammle’s Intense CCNP Security Securing Networks with Cisco Firepower (SNCF 300-710) included!

Self Guided Course

Click here for Instructor Led Mastering Cisco Firepower/FTD training with Instructor Todd Lammle

Table Of Contents Mastering Cisco Firepower/FTD

Option 1: The #1 Instructor Led Class with Todd Lammle includes:

  • The #1 Cisco Firepower Instructor in the world by far!
  • Your own Pod of Cisco Firepower high-end gear for 6 days!
  • Covers ALL CCNP Security SNCF objectives!
  • Over 70-hands on labs
  • The most experience Firepower/FTD instructor in the world
  • This is the most intense Firepower class with the most hands-on labs!
  • Hands-on labs updated Monthly!

Option 2: The self-guided FTD course includes:

  • The #1 Cisco Firepower Instructor in the world!
  • Over 11 hours of intense FTD videos by the most experienced Cisco Firepower Consultant!
  • Includes FTD, ASA w/Firepower and ASA training
  • Pod rentals available
  • Downloadable Bonus material, with new material added every month!
  • New Firepower videos up every month!
  • SCOR and SNCF practice exams available now!
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