Private Online Team Training

Online private training is more cost effective than you may think!

Tood Lammle Advanced Network Training


A well-trained team is your most important investment towards success. Onsite or online training enables everyone to stay on-task, avoid fatigue, and collaborate in a familiar environment.

Our Classes, Online or Your Location

Our private, customizable training courses are available to you and your team online or at a location anywhere in the world. Our Enterprise Solutions team can work with you to pinpoint your specifications and quickly create a targeted solution that meets your budget and schedule.

Want Onsite Testing For Your Team?

For most certification classes, we can test for your team onsite, at your convenience.


Mixed Classes

We can train onsite or at any location, and provide both in-person and live-online instruction at the same time. This can save on travel budget for students that cannot get to the office or training location during the onsite sessions, making private training even more cost effective.

Time & Convenience

Time is a precious commodity for any business, and the more time that employees can spend at their facility, the more productive the organization can be. With any training, employers want their team to expand its knowledge and gain insights into best practices. They also ideally want them to spend the least amount of time away from the office possible.

Customizable To Your Requirements

Many large fortune 500 companies hire Todd Lammle, LLC as we can easily customize all classes to fit your business requirements, by tailoring the learning experience to your team’s unique needs.


Our CEO has been in the networking business for 38 years, and our advanced training business has been incorporated for 24 years. You can count on us to be a proven provider with effective methods for success for your employees. Our goal is to get your team skilled, certified, and then back to work fast.

We work with almost all of the Fortune 500 companies, and we have the capability to develop training that meets the unique needs of organizations of all types and sizes.

To further explore or arrange private onsite team training, contact Todd Lammle.


AAA - American Automobile Association
UHS - Universal Health Services
John Deere
Sandhills Publishing
Petoskey Plastics

Some of the companies that employed Todd Lammle, LLC for Onsite Training Services are: Kohls, Panera Bread, Texas A&M, QTS Data Centers, 2nd largest hedge fund in the world (name withheld), John Deere, Colonial Pipeline Company, Boardwalk Pipelines, Sonic Healthcare, U.S. DEA, U.S. Marshalls Service, Bankers Trust, Bergen County Prosecutors Office N.J.,, U.S. Depart of Justice, Chart Industries, QBE Technology, Neighbors FCU, NOAA, GE, LeoDaly, DeltaBridge, FriscoTexas, Ascend FCU, UHS Inc, Nemours, Loomis, Applied-Computers, Francis Ford Coppola Winery, Mason General, Petoskey Plastics, Sandhills Publishing, Kent County Michigan, Great Western Bank, Barry Wehmiller and hundreds more.