Palo Alto ClassesPalo Alto NGFW 

The most advanced and intensive PA videos series on the market!

Introduction to Palo Alto Firewalls Part 1 introduces you to the powerful features of the Palo Alto firewall and the steps required in configuring the PanOS operating system.

Part 2  dives deeper into the understanding of the different industry-leading features of the Palo Alto firewall and the steps to configure these more advanced features to better secure your environment.

Self Guided Course

These self-guided Palo Alto courses include:

  • High-End Self Paced PA Training!
  • Start from scratch with our Intro videos, and go all the way through Advanced PA training!
  • Over 80 videos to really provide detailed information PA NGFW!
  • Real life scenarios from a real-world PA Consultant & Instructor!
  • This is the best self-paced PA training on the market by far!
  • Hands-on lab demonstrations

Palo Alto Part I TOC

Advanced Palo Alto Part II TOC

Sample Material

Fighting today’s advanced network threats requires the most advanced firewall platform ever created.

Protect your network against known and unknown threats by using Palo Alto Networks extensive line of enterprise network firewalls. They are chock full of amazing features and behind-the-scenes automation. It’s understandable why Palo Alto firewalls are a 7-time Gartner Magic Quadrant leader and are arguably the most amazing firewalls ever invented!