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Live Online: CCIE/CCNP Security: Cisco Firepower/FTD & StealthWatch! 3/30/20 Covers CCNP Security SCNF Exam!

03/30 - 04/03

5-day class, class runs 9-4pm CST Mon-Friday Live Online!

Email todd@lammle.com for pricing and registration.

Friday/Saturday rack time available to students for extra lab time!

Pass your CCNP Security exams!

Hands-on intense 5-day class includes Firepower/FTD, AMP, StealthWatch, Cisco Defense Orchestrator (CDO),  and more!

This is the first step towards your CCNP Security!

Over 70-hands-on labs to help you really understand the material and how Firepower works!

You will learn how to administrate a Cisco Firepower and FTD environment! You will PASS your CCNP Security SCNF exam!

Mon – Thurs Noon Firepower/FTD

  • FMC Device Management
  • FMC Alerts
  • System and Health Policy
  • Access Control Policy
  • File/Malware Policy
  • IPS Policy
  • Firepower Network Discovery
  • Realms and Identity Policy
  • Platform Settings
  • Advanced IPS
  • Network Analysis
  • Advanced Network Analysis
  • Advanced Performance Monitoring
  • Correlation Policy
  • Snort rules
  • Remote Access

Thurs 1pm-through Friday 4pm, StealthWatch Real-Life Hands-on class!

  • End-point AMP
  • Cisco Defense Orchestrator (CDO)
  • StealthWatch:
  • Breach detection
  • Monitoring trusted 3rd party and VPN access
  • Historical traffic analysis t
  • Advanced Threat Detection
  • Data hoarding
  • Data Exfiltration
  • High Rick Application Detection
  • Detecting internal traffic
  • Detecting suspicious SMB traffic
  • Policy Violations
  • Network segmentation violations
  • Rogue server detection

TOC CCNP Security Cisco Network with Firepower

Single student: $3795 or 60 CLC’s

Two students: $3495 each or 120 CLC’s

Five or more, contact for private onsite!


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