BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//Todd Lammle, LLC - ECPv4.9.3.1//NONSGML v1.0//EN CALSCALE:GREGORIAN METHOD:PUBLISH X-WR-CALNAME:Todd Lammle, LLC X-ORIGINAL-URL: X-WR-CALDESC:Events for Todd Lammle, LLC BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;VALUE=DATE:20190114 DTEND;VALUE=DATE:20190116 DTSTAMP:20190619T011721 CREATED:20181226T230828Z LAST-MODIFIED:20190116T144430Z SUMMARY:Viptela Cisco SD-WAN 5-day Intense Training 1/14/19 DESCRIPTION:SD-WAN: Advanced Operations & Troubleshooting Bootcamp (SDWOTS) v1.0 is a five-day course. We will cover Cisco Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) which is an overlay architecture that overcomes the biggest drawbacks of traditional WAN. Students will be able to operate a Cisco SD-WAN over any transport (MPLS\, Broadband\, LTE\, VSAT etc.) and provide troubleshooting\, management\, policy control and application visibility across the enterprise. \nThis hands-on Course covers the Cisco SD-WAN product and contains extensive labs to reinforce the knowledge learned. \nCourse Objectives \nUpon completing this course\, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives: \n\nDescribe how to deploy SD-WAN\nConfigure SD-WAN environment\nDeploy Zero-Touch Provisioning\nImplement SD-WAN Security\nConfigure SD-WAN Policies\nOperate SD-WAN Devices and software\nTroubleshoot SD-WAN environment\n\n  \nCourse Outline \nModule 1: Cisco SD-WAN Introduction \n\nHigh-level Cisco SD-WAN Deployment models\nApplication level SD-WAN solution\nCisco SDWAN high availability solution\nCisco SD-WAN Scalability\nCisco SD-WAN Solution Benefits\n\nModule 2: Cisco SD-WAN Orchestration \n\nIntroduction\nvManage NMS\nvSmart Controller\nvBond Orchestrator\nController Resiliency Architecture\n\nModule 3: Site Architecture and Deployment Models \n\nSite Capabilities\nvEdge Router\nvEdge form factors\n\nModule 4: Zero Touch Provisioning \n\nOverview\nUser Input Required for the ZTP Automatic Authentication Process\nAuthentication between the vBond Orchestrator and a vEdge Router\nAuthentication between the vEdge Router and the vManage NMS\nAuthentication between the vSmart Controller and the vEdge Router\n\nModule 5: Cisco SD-WAN Solution \n\nOverlay Management Protocol (OMP)\nCisco SDWAN Circuit Aggregation Capabilities\nSecure Connectivity in Cisco SD-WAN\nPerformance Tracking Mechanisms\nApplication Discovery\nDynamic Path Selection\nPerformance Based Routing\nDynamic Cloud Access\n\nModule 6: Operations Best Practices \n\nConfig: Test Configuration Changes Before Committing\nNAT: Secure Routers Acting as NATs\nvEdge Routers: Connect to the Console Port\nvEdge Routers: Use the Poweroff Command\nViptela Devices: Site ID Naming Conventions\nViptela Devices: Using the System IP Address\nvManage NMS: Disaster Recovery\n\nModule 7: Application Monitoring \n\nvManage\nvAnalytics\nEcosystem Partner Solutions\n\nModule 8: Troubleshooting Methods \n\nRemote Access\nConsole Access\nLAN Interfaces\nWAN Interfaces\nControl Connections\n\nModule 9: General Troubleshooting \n\nCheck Application-Aware Routing Traffic\nCollect Device Data To Send to Customer Support\nMonitor Alarms and Events\nMonitor TCP Optimization\nPing a Viptela Device\nRun a Traceroute\nSimulate Flows\nTroubleshoot Cellular Interfaces\nTroubleshoot Device Bringup\nTroubleshoot WiFi Connnections\nUse Syslog Messages\nTunnel Health\n\nModule 10: Troubleshooting: Data Plane Issues      \n\nBFD Session Information\nCflowd Information\nData Policies\nDPI Information\nSymptom: Site Cannot Reach Applications in Datacenter\nSymptom: vManage Showing vEdge or Interface Down\nSymptom: Site-Wide Loss of Connectivity (Blackout)\nSymptom: Poor Application Performance (Brownout)\nIssue Severity Assessment\n\nModule 11: Troubleshooting:  Routing Issues \n\nBGP Information\nMulticast Information\nOMP Information\nOSPF Information\nPIM Information\nSymptom: Some or All Routes Missing from vEdge Routing table\nSymptom: Data Traffic Using Suboptimal Path\nSymptom: Data Traffic Not Using All Transports\n\nModule 12: Application-Aware Routing \n\nApplication Performance with CloudExpress Service\nTunnel Latency Statistics\nTunnel Loss Statistics\n\nModule 13: Interface Troubleshooting \n\nReset an Interface\nAll Interfaces\nARP Table Entries\nCellular Interface Information\nDHCP Server and Interface Information\nInterface MTU Information\nManagement Interfaces\nVRRP Information\nWAN Interfaces\n\nModule 14: Network Operations \n\nCheck Alarms and Events\nCheck User Accounts and Permissions\nDeploy the Viptela Overlay Network\nDetermine the Status of Network Sites\nControl Connections\nData Connections\nNetwork Performance with vAnalytics Platform\nOMP Status\n\nModule 15: Security Certificate Troubleshooting \n\nGenerate a Certificate\nUpload the vEdge Serial Number File\nCertificate\nCSR\n\nModule 16: Viptela Devices Maintenance \n\nDecommission a vEdge Cloud Router\nDetermine the Status of a Network Device\nLocate a Viptela Device\nMigrate a Controller’s Virtual Machine Using vMotion\nReboot a Device\nRemove a vEdge Router’s Serial Number from the vManage NMS\nReplace a vEdge Router\nRestore the vManage NMS\nSet Up User Accounts to Access Viptela Devices\nValidate or Invalidate a vEdge Router\nSoftware Versions Installed on a Device\nStatus of a vBond Orchestrator\nStatus of a vEdge Router\nStatus of a vSmart Controller\n\nModule 17: Viptela Device Operation and Troubleshooting \n\nDetermine Changes to a Configuration Template\nDetermine Why a Device Rejects a Template\nAlarm Severity Levels\nHardware Alarms\nChecking Alarms and Notifications\nLEDs\nAdditional Information\nRestore a vEdge Router\nRemove vEdge Router Components\n\nModule 18: Working With Viptela Support      \n\nCase Priority Levels and Response Times\nInformation for Opening Cases\nViptela Customer Support Portal\nOther Ways to Contact Support\n\nLab Outline \n\nIntroduction to the Cisco SD-WAN\nAdd vEdge to vManage Inventory\nControl-Plane Connectivity\nOverlay Network\nZero-Touch Provisioning\nvManage Templates\nvManage Basic Policies\nApplication Aware Policies\nAdvanced Policies\nAnalytics\nMultiTenant Mode and Tenants\nTroubleshooting Methods\nTroubleshooting Data Plane Issues\nTroubleshooting Routing Issues\nBest Practices\n\n\n\n \n URL: LOCATION:Live Online CATEGORIES:Cisco Viptela SD-WAN END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR