10 Days of Blackfriday – New Entire AWS Solution Architect Domain Posted


Announcing the TEN DAYS of Blackfriday at Lammle.com.

Watch the blog EVERY DAY leading up to and including Blackfriday. Today, we have posted an entirely new section of content in our award-winning AWS Solutions Architect – Associate course (2021).

This new section of content includes:

  • Domain 3 – High-Performance Architectures
    • Introduction
    • CloudWatch
    • ECS
    • Lambda
    • Storage Gateway
    • Snowball
    • UPCs
    • Hands-on Challenge : Building a VPC
    • Solution: Building a VPC
    • Route 53
    • CloudFront
    • Self-Managed DB Solutions
    • AWS RDS
    • DynamoDB
    • ElastiCache
    • Redshift
    • DMS
    • DataSync
    • Athena
    • Macie
    • Kinesis
    • Sample Questions
    • Domain 3 Review

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