A Cloudfare Network

Cloudfare is a network that operates on the internet. The Cloudfare service is used to increase security and performance for websites and various services. Cloudfare is a content delivery network and a cloud security platform which provides website optimization, security, and performance services. It resides between a website server and the visitor. Its job is to improve speed and reliabilty to the website and protect it from online threats.

Cloudfare uses Edge servers across many major cities around the world to cache website content. With Cloudafre acting as a CDN, traffic touches the Edge servers before the original web server. Cloudafre also blocks malicious bot traffic, DDoS attacks, and block traffic based on firewall rules. It acts as a reverse proxy for web traffic. As of this year, Cloudfare handled an average of 45 million HTTP requests per second.

Some of the features offered by Cloudfare include
*DNS Hosting
*Firewall services
*Page rules
*Website apps
*Website Analytics
*Registrar for domain registration
*Workers – serverless functions running Javascript, C, C++, and Rust

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